Upcoming events:

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ETHOS Lab’s event series, publicETHOS, aims to facilitate teaching on and discussion of the research areas the lab is involved in. While the name ETHOS is an acronym, it is also an allusion to one of three modes of persuasion in Aristotle’s rhetorics, that deals with the moral and expert character of the speaker. It is the latter part that publicETHOS hits upon: a communication and making public of the expertise normally reserved for research.

To facilitate these goals publicETHOS events can be both lectures, workshops or a combination of the two. Whilst lectures are great events for communicating research, they tend to do so in a manner that is only one-way. Workshops on the other hand, allows for more discussion and learning of actual skills. publicETHOS events cover all of these formats, allowing the communication of expert research in an variable, accessible and interesting manner.

New publicETHOS event will be announced via our newsletter, and on our facebook and twitter.

Past publicETHOS events: