ETHOS Lab is a critical feminist methods laboratory dedicated to experimentation at the intersection of digital methods, ethnographic inquiry, and speculative fabulation.
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An expression of interests and inspiration as well as an invitation to interdisciplinary participation.
Hopes for nurturing crafts and skills in an environment of community. 

2023 Letter from Heads of Lab: Shifting Inevitabilities

As we alluded to in our final ETHOS Lab newsletter of 2022, we left the year on a strange tone; a hopeful tone but a strange tone nevertheless. At the beginning of 2022 we were emerging from two years of on-again, off-again pandemic lockdowns and it set the scene for...

Introducing Lara Reime  

ETHOS Lab happily welcomes Lara Reime, who is a PhD Fellow in the Technologies in Practice research group. During her time at TiP Lara’s work has already intersected with the lab multiple times, and we are thrilled that she will now officially join us.  Her...

Embodied (re)enchantment

With this years’ thematic empasis of embodied (re)enchantment, we will work with connecting data to concrete embodied experiences, speculative fabulations, the presence of what is difficult to describe, unfold numbers and be fascinated by the messiness and complexity they cover, play with materiality, awe nature and all the things there are yet to know, cast spells, and hopefully get closer to each other – one way or another.

Blog: Metadata

We love data and technology in all its forms, figures and cultures. What we love even more, is to write about it. This blog is the outlet of Lab Life – our projects, challenges, reflections and arguments with traits of science and technology studies and feminist theory.

Reclaiming through feminist methods: Stories from fashion, academia, urban planning and the arts

Written by Marisa Cohn, edited by Henriette Friis.   Reflections from the Feminist Futures Copenhagen Panel Reclaiming through feminist methods: Stories from fashion, academia, urban planning and the arts On a sunny Friday afternoon on April 21st, four...

Tarot reading for the lab in 2023

By Marisa Cohn What does it mean to act as “a lab”? This has been a fundamental question we have faced as a collective of researchers and as an institutional unit within the University. This pertains to the question of our ambitions and our remit. The lab has always...

“Maybe it’s not about gender, but her personality”

By Chris Aftzidis & Paula Victoria Menshikoff, Junior Researchers   Are you ever out by yourself in public and you start imagining what lives the people around you are living? What their hobbies and interests are, whether they have a partner or kids, or what...

An inquiry into music consumption in the 21st century

Image from Dall-E 2 By Tristan Massimo Carl Vonet, Junior Researcher     Music has been an integral part of human life since, well, as long as we can remember as a species. It brings forth emotions in us in a way that we can’t quite understand. How we came...

‘Compassionate Poetry’: Dissecting the rhetoric of online ‘masculinity’

Illustration: Lehel Kovacs By Johanne Engel Aaen, Junior Researcher      On a Saturday in October I am sitting at home, in my bed, getting ready to watch a YouTube video. Nothing out of the ordinary in that scenario. Still, I am having this particular...