Python Study Group

Currently on hiatus (Spring 2019) until further notice.

We have previously hosted the study group on the amazing volunteer efforts of ETHOS Lab Junior Researchers and community members. If you have are interested in helping us start up the study group again in the future, please write to ETHOS Lab Manager Simy Kaur Gahoonia at

About Python Study Group

The goal with the study group is to gather a community of people interested in learning the programming language Python. It doesn’t matter if you are a newbie or programming wizard. Everyone is welcome and we encourage both beginners and more advanced programmers to join. The idea is to create a structured learning environment where we mutually help each other on the path to understanding the programming better.

ETHOS Lab uses experimental digital methods for analyzing social media data and therefore has an interest in hosting the python group. Although, it is also considered a service to the current students’ needs for exploring a dynamic programming language that can be used for many purposes. In our work with data and digital methods, we often come across digital tools, which requires certain knowledge about programming in Python. In light of this, we started the study group in 2015, and we hope to be able to continue the study group the coming spring (2019) to explore the possibilities of Python programming.