The Lab just expanded as we have both a new Lab Assistant as well as an additional group of Junior Researchers!! 

We are very thrilled to announce the ETHOS Lab’s new student Lab Assistant Luuk Andreas Blum who started up in February and will assist the many initiative of the lab, build community and create more reading group initiatives. Luuk is finishing his MSc Digital Innovation & Management, writing his thesis drawing on feminist research, systems of engendering and matters of concern. As an active founding member of RethinkIT, Luuk has together with other students, brought together a community consisting of students, staff, and faculty eager to bring more ecological initiatives to ITU. Come by the lab during opening hours and meet this awesome lab fellow!! 

The 3 person group joining the rest of the Junior Researcher community this semester, consists of Rebecca, Nanna and Clara. They have just left for Greenland to study the mandatory state digitization in Greenland implemented in April 2020 and the implications of the initiative. Follow them on our Instagram account with vivid images from their experiences.

Their research are driven by their curios prompt of why the Greenlandic digital solution is identical to the one already implemented in Denmark? Focusing on two different areas, the first is on ‘state digitization’ seen in a historical and post-colonial frame, and the second being the concrete case of digital mail focusing on the end-users; the Greenlandic citizens.  The three core themes that the thesis will investigate are post-colonial legacy, state digitization’s rationale of ‘one size fits all’ and how distinct groups of citizens are incorporated in the implementation and development of digitization tools? The project will contribute to further understanding of state digitization and the impact on citizen’s everyday life in Greenland providing relevant stakeholders, and others interested, recommendations for improvement of the current service. Read more about all our Junior Researchers here

We welcome all four to the lab and are excited to experience the commitment and drive by these people in the lab.