MAY 7-8-9, 2020: Distribute 2020 attends to contemporary practices, theories, and forms of distribution and redistribution; and it seeks to re-distribute the conventional conference format as a scholarly and democratic practice, promoting knowledge as a rhizomatic network of exchange. Distribute 2020 is a low-cost, highly accessible, nearly-carbon-neutral conference we hope will pave the way for rethinking the mega-conference model. Read more on their website.

A fundamental element of the conference is a series of local nodes across the world, where participants gather to not only view the conference but join in for related activities. You can join the conference on all days but ETHOS Lab is also hosting a node on Friday 08/05/2020 9:00 to 12:00 that we invite you to participate in.

ETHOS Lab hosting a local node

Friday, May 8 from 9-12:00 on Zoom

We had planned to gather in person in the Lab and watch together, but since the University buildings are closed, we will gather online instead. Participants in this Node are welcome to tune in on their own initiative on the 7th. We will convene online together for three hours on the morning of Friday 8th, to watch the start of Loop 2 of Stream 2, which starts in Dakhar at 8am (10am in Copenhagen). From 9-10 we will watch a film together, using Zoom as a realtime chatroom. From 10-11 we will tune into Performances of Public Anthropology, a panel particularly relevant to the work of researchers in the ETHOSLab and TiP group for the way it demos extra-textual formats (video, performance art, song) and thinks through anthropology beyond the academy. From 11:15-12 we plan to discuss our experiences of the distributed conference online together, via Zoom, and discuss what formats worked for us. Each hour will have a chair and discussant from members of the Node organising group, which consists of Rachel Douglas-Jones, James Maguire, Caroline Salling, Ester Fritsch, Anne-Sofie Lautrup Sørensen, Marie Blønd and Luuk Blum.

Please contact Luuk on if you want to attend, or register on Distribute 2020 and join our group


Streams that run parallel to our node:

09:00-10:00 Film (The films of the Distribute 2020 Virtual Film Festival are available on the conference website from May 7-14)

10:00-11:00 Performances of Public Anthropology

11:00-12:00 For an Anthropology of Fascism


We will be hosting the node in Zoom: