Associate Professor Cori Hayden will be visiting for a small group discussion about collectivity, affect and the crowd. Using prepared readings, Cori will discuss the shifting assumptions about “the social”, providing some much needed historical depth to the concept of the “crowd”.

Drawing on the ETHOS Lab’s project of making space for conversation across disciplines, we invite ethnographers, anthropologists, STS-ers and social media researchers. The theorisation and research of the collectivity – and its status –  will be our focus, with an emphasis on discussing what it means to design a research project that “gets at” the crowd. 

Cori Hayden is a leading voice in STS and anthropology. Her work has focused on the anthropology of the biochemical sciences, global pharmaceutical politics and postcolonial engagements with intellectual properties. A key theme that she has been developing for many years has been the relationship between privatization and ‘public-ization’, and the way technologies (of the law and otherwise) reconfigure notions of ‘public good’, the commons, and the public domain. Through subsequent projects like “Taking as Giving” and “The Proper Copy” she has explored how the public and private are epistemically organised. In recent years, she has been running a network called The Cloud and the Crowd, and a graduate seminar on the same name, which brings her work in biomedicine, labour and the law into dialogue with technologies of media.See more here…/the-cloud-and-the-crowd-multic…/

She is a fantastic interlocutor on themes such as ‘the invention of the masses’, speculation and inflation in market crowds, microworking and the gig economy, power and society of control, platform politics, data and health surveillance/monitoring, public and population, test bed urbanism and data cities.

When: Friday 13 Sept, workshop from 10-12 and PhD Salon from 13-14:30

Where: ETHOS LAB, 3A30

Any questions, please e-mail Director of the Lab, Rachel Douglas-Jones,

Pre-reading: read the preface for the limn issue here and if you want to dig deeper then look to for inspiration.

Please register for the workshop at and if you want to join the PhD Salon send us an email on