The book Launch if Postponed since Andrea won’t be able to travel here from the US, information about rescheduling to another date will follow soon.

ETHOS Lab and Antropologforeningen invite its members to the book launch seminar with Dr. Andrea Ballestero, Rice University (USA) on her recent monograph “A Future History of Water“.

Working with NGOS, politicians, state representatives and activists in Costa Rica and Brazil, Ballestero explores what goes into making water access into a human right. We will explore the techno-legal devices that Ballestero describes in making water futures, and the bifurcations between water as a right, and as a global commodity.

Organized in conjunction with World Water Day, the morning will include discussant commentary, questions to Andrea, and reflections on ways of knowing water.

 Copies of Andrea’s book, published by Duke University Press and made available Open Access through the Fondren Library are available here. You do not have to have read the book to attend.

“Through the brilliant selection of the devices to exhibit her ideas, the author invites readers to think deeply beyond courts or treaties establishing a human right to water and shows how many other factors also contribute to and shape this.”

— Gayathri D Naik, LSE Review of Books


“[Ballestero’s] insightful analysis convinces the reader that such apparently mundane technical devices are indeed wonderful in their capacities to compose the water worlds of the future.”

— Veronica Strang, PoLAR