Written by Michael Hockenhull, Lab Manager.

Welcome (back) to the ETHOS Lab blog! In this space members of the lab reflect on, experiment with, proposition and discuss topics related to their research. You can find the back catalogue of blogs under ‘News’ -> ‘Blog’.

We are pleased to be starting off a new semester this week, as we are looking forward to lots of interesting events, activities and developments in ETHOS Lab. In order to start of the semester well and share some that excitement, we thought we would give you a preview of what will be happening in the lab. The following list is far from final, as we still have other events that we are planning to host and because we are open to and looking for new partners to collaborate on events with. All of the following events will of course be posted to our Facebook, Twitter and Newsletter, but you can already put some of them in your calendar now, should you wish to plan ahead. :-)





We hope to see you at one or more of these events throughout the coming semester!