Collaborate with ETHOS Lab

Services is the third area of activity that ETHOS operates within. It refers to the organisational services that researchers and students can provide for external organisations such as companies, NGOs or public units. We are already working on building relations with such actors. The aim is to either involve them in our research projects or to connect them through the lab with students who can use their skills and competencies as “junior consultants” and help solve or pose problems to the organisations.

These initiatives are in their early stages, and more information will follow at a later date. Until then we are looking for engaged organisations, researchers and students to help us build this area. If so we are interested in hearing from you!

Representing an organisation?

ETHOS Lab is actively looking for partners who wish to experiment and benefit from novel methods and an external perspective on their organisations. The Lab offers a diverse range of expertise, but mainly focuses on IT/digital methodologies, network analysis, data visualization, ethnographic fieldwork, participatory observation, design and storytelling to create value, provide innovative solutions and ask the questions only an outsider can. Contact Head of Lab Marisa Cohn at for more information about how the lab can be of value to you.

Student or researcher?

If this sounds interesting to you as a researcher or student, we would like to hear from you as well. Contact Lab Manager Marie Blønd at to learn about how you can be involved.