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Due to sickness amongst the presenters we have chosen to postpone the event. We are currently attempting to find a date in late August, and will update the event here when one has been found. We apologise for the inconvenience, and hope to see you at the event when it is held.

ETHOS Lab is proud to announce the second publicETHOS event: Navigating in the Wild. This event is aimed at students who wish to discuss the skills and competencies learnt in their study programmes, and condense them effectively for a resume or Linkedin profile.

In the course of an academic programme such as the BAs, MAs and MSc.s taught at the ITU, students learn many different models, theories and skills. Some of the competencies learned are therefore very abstract, and it is not always that they are closely coupled with work-life after the university, what we might call the ‘wild’. ETHOS Lab is a site for connecting the university ¬†to external partners through what we call Services, and so we find it relevant to facilitate dialogue with and between students about what value university skills and competencies bring to the “outside world”. This event does not claim to have answers, but instead is an attempt¬†to provide a space for frank discussion of these issues, which often come up inadvertently in teaching situations.

Lecture and debate: “Navigating in the Wild”

Any environment requires one to navigate – in many ways the ITU is a sheltered space in which students can try of different things and pursue their interests, learn to navigate in safety. In contrast, one could say that the world beyond the ITU is a wilder place, with different demands, constraints and more ferocious competition. If this is the case, how does the ITU equip students to navigate in the wild? What sorts of skills and competencies are valuable in the wild? This lecture will seek to address these questions with a series of mini-presentations by students who have experienced using skills and competencies learned to great effect. Following the presentation there will be an opportunity to ask questions and for a moderated debate between all present. The following students will be given presentations:

  • Julie Vulpius, former DIM student, now at Aalborg University. Julie will talk¬†about how theory from the ‘Navigating Complexity’ course helped her work on designing an information system for civic participation in a developing country.
  • Carl Johan Rising, DIM student on third semester. Carl Johan will discuss data-analysis and forming hypotheses in a business setting.
  • Third student presentation to be announced.

Time: June 22 2015, 13:00-14:30
Place: Auditorium 3
The event will be in English.

Workshop: “Translating skills and competencies”

One of the main challenges encountered when stepping outside of the university, is to formulate and communicate what it is one knows. This can be difficult even to do even to oneself, since a university degree deals not in vocational training but in critical thinking, analysis and other abstract skills. This workshop seeks to address this challenge. The main focus of the workshop, will be to work together to turn university-based skills and competencies into CV and Linkedin ready formulations. Sign-up is required for the workshop.

Time: June 22 2015, 15:00-17:00
Place: ETHOS Lab (5A20)
The event will be English.

Please sign up for the workshop here. Sign up is closed, and the event is being moved to a later date. 

For questions concerning the lecture or the workshop, please write use at ethos@itu.dk.