In this publicETHOS talk, Rasmus Lund Jensen from DAMVAD Analytics will talk about applying scientometric theory and analysis to real world cases, such as measuring the impact of university– and industry collaborations, network formation, knowledge sourcing etc., all based on the use of bibliometric and patent data. Joining Rasmus for the talk will be Bjarke Osmundsen, also employed by DAMVAD, who will discuss the use of bibliometrics and digital methods to explore the topic of Smart Cities in his master’s thesis.

DAMVAD Analytics offers provide clients with Big Analytics. They specialize in Business & Economics, Research & Innovation and Education & Employment. Their interdisciplinary team of economists, policy analysts and data scientists embraces complexity and takes advantage of the diversity it brings; it frames how they think, distinguishes their work, and ensures that the work they provide reflects reality and makes a difference for their clients. DAMVAD was founded in 2007 and is based in Copenhagen, Denmark. Currently DAMVAD has 20 employees.

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Rasmus Lund Jensen is Principal Consultant at DAMVAD Science and Innovation. His main areas of expertise include Science and Technology Indicators, research and innovation policy and higher education policy. In his work, he draws on a broad range of methodological approaches, including qualitative analysis, bibliometrics and econometrics. As DAMVAD Analytics’ expert on bibliometrics and science and technology indicators Rasmus has contributed to several academic papers with focus on quantitative impact assessments of research and innovation in relation to university-industry collaboration and knowledge transfer. Rasmus joined DAMVAD in 2011 and is a former researcher at Copenhagen Business School.

Bjarke Osmundsen is Stud.MSc. in Digital Innovation Management at the ITU. He works as a student researcher at DAMVAD Analytics.

Time: February 24 2016, 14:00-16:00
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The event will be in English.

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