ETHOS Lab is proud to be able to host Senior Research Fellow in the Victorian Eco-Innovation Lab (VEIL) at the Faculty of Architecture, Melbourne University, David Turnbull.

Lecture:¬†“Contesting ecological collapse: Rapa Nui, the island at the end of the world”

Time: September 22 2015, 13:00-15:00
Place: Auditorium 1
The event will be in English.

This publicETHOS is a lecture which is part of the Navigating Complexity: Mapping, Visualization and Decision-Making course, made available for the general public. In it David Turnbull, pioneer in the studies of cartography, indigenous knowledges and knowledge spaces will lecture on the topics of performativity, complexity, multiplicity and spatiality. Turnbull will be basing his lecture off of the paper by the same name, which appeared in Contested Ecologies (2013) and can be accessed freely here.

Turnbull’s work is especially relevant for ETHOS Lab as he demonstrates that¬†map-making is no neutral effort, but very much about politics, power and claiming territory. His studies of cartography as theory and practice are studies of different positions in knowledge and power. He has developed the notion of the map as a knowledge space, which can be unpacked in order to make its connection to epistemology, culture and history apparent. This is relevant for ETHOS Lab as many of the tools we explore purport to “map” different digital, social and cultural landscapes.