PublicETHOS Talk #25 by Distinguished Professor Sarah Pink

Live stream recording available here 

IT-University of Copenhagen, Auditorium 4

Thursday February 1st 2018 at 13:00

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How do we attend to and record the work that goes into making futures with data?

In the first public lecture of the ETHOS 2018 Speculative Instruments theme, Professor Pink’s talk on Emerging Technologies & Automated Worlds speaks to the labours, frictions and infrastructures produced by efforts to put data to work. It considers the sense of possibility of being relieved of labour, its redistribution or re-assignment, and attends to the politics of how and where gaps emerge, requiring imagination and improvisation to keep futures in motion. Foregrounding engagements with data by a range of actors, the talk draws on examples from settings where Professor Pink has conducted ethnographic studies, and their varying configurations and contingencies of practice. It brings forward the hopes, norms and desires that motivate automation, the sites of contestation that arise when visions conflict, and the moments where possibility is suspended between what is, and what might be. Making ethical forms of connection for the futures we make in the present.

Sarah Pink is Distinguished Professor and former Director in the Digital Ethnography Research Centre at RMIT University, Australia. She is internationally known for her work on methodologies, and wide range of collaborations focusing on digital and emerging technologies in everyday life. 


The talk is open to everyone and arranged in collaboration with the Technologies in Practice Research Group and the Data as Relation Research Project