Nov/Dec 2019

End of Year: Deceleration

As we are wrapping up this semester, Sarah Blacker's excellent talk and lab discussion on 'Decelerating Toxicology' rounded off this year's theme of Deceleration. The theme has also manifested in a focus on writing workshops. Post docs Line Henriksen and Katrine Meldgaard Kjær designed and facilited the first writing workshop on 'Monsters x Collage' focusing on vulnerabilities. Yesterday, Lab Assistant Simy Kaur, co-head of Lab Marisa Cohn and Assistant Professor Pedro Ferreira hosted the workshop 'Unboxing Deletions from compliance' with thrilling participation. More on that later.... 

Blogposts by co-Head of Lab Rachel Douglas-Jones, Lab Assistant Simy Kaur and Junior Researcher Viktoriya Feshak are available on the 'metadata blog' ranging from topics of flying academics, to GDPR and STS podcasts!

Good news. Former Lab Manager and now Lab Assistant Simy Kaur will be making a career move in the new year as a PhD fellow in an ITU, Velux funded, research project!! Sad news is, that although she will always be an inherent part of the ETHOS lab which she has collaboratively shaped the last 1½ year, she will unfortunately not be working for the lab from January 2020. We therefore want to use this opportunity to thank Simy immensely for her dedication to the ETHOS lab and all the hard work she has put into developing the lab further in her different capacities. Her management traces are positively apparent and her lab research will echo far into the lab's future footprints. Thank you Simy! We are so fortunate that you are staying in the research group as a PhD fellow and look forward to following your upcoming research! 

Thus, we are on the lookout for a new Lab Assistant! You can find the job call here, application deadline is 10 January. Please circulate, but notice that it is a student position (15 hours/week) and the position preferably starts on 1 February.

We have also welcomed Lotte Schack to the lab, as a research intern until Dec 15 - maybe longer. Lotte takes part in the Junior Research team and will be presenting on the next Pitch & Play session on 3 December. Her project revolves around designing and conducting methodological approaches to experimental qualitative research focusing on post-graduate unemployment life. The research explores how post-graduate academics navigate the unemployment bureaucracy through the experience of tools, processes and systems. The project will work towards reflecting on academics expectations of future careers and work life.  

The second gathering of partners, including ETHOS Lab, for Alt_Cph 20: Patterns of Resistance by Laboratory for Aesthetics and Ecology will be held on 4 December from 9.30-15.00. This is the second workshop leading up to the upcoming 2020 Biennale Exhibition, where focus will be on questions revolving around 'REPAIR'. We encourage ITU researchers, particularly designers, to participate with ETHOS Lab. If interested, please contact Katrine Meldgaard Kjær or Rachel Douglas-Jones.

Most importantly! Be aware that invitation for the end-of-semester get-together: LAB HYGGE is out and that we hope friends of the lab can take time out of their busy schedule and join!  

Season greetings to all of you!

Co-heads of Lab: Marisa Cohn & Rachel Douglas-Jones
Post doc: Katrine Meldgaard Kjær
Lab Manager: Marie Blønd


Junior Researchers

This semesters cohort of student researchers are well on their way in their projects and have already had their first Pitch & Play session with faculty researchers.
Most of this semesters students will continue into next semester. Although, Viktoriya from MCTS in Munich is returning to her studies in Germany as planned. Viktoriya's internship as a Junior Researcher in the lab has been rewarding for everyone and she has become an inherent part of the lab leaving behind valuable academic resonance and wholehearted influence on our community. Thank you Viktoriya. 

Read about the Junior Researcher's projects here


STS Podcasts Playlist

Blogpost and artwork by Viktoriya Feshak, student intern from MCTS, Munich

Today, many STS scholars challenge current methods of storytelling practices and knowledge dissemination in general for being limited in describing things that are complex, messy, diffuse, vague or emotional… Yet, the challenge is not only to represent complex phenomena, but to include voices that should be heard, to appeal to the broader community, to deliver knowledge that could raise reflexivity towards decisions we make.

Seeking for the new ways of storytelling, academics are engaging now with theatre, visual vignettes, art, documentaries, podcasts, just to name a few. And the latter now is attracting a particular interest among academia and the general public.......

Read the entire blogpost with podcast recommendations.


Patterns of Resistance: Workshop on REPAIR

ETHOS Lab has partnered with Laboratory for Aesthetics and Ecology for a series of 3 workshops leading up to the 2020 Biennale Exhibition on 'Patterns of Resistance'. The first workshop focused on 'Care' and included interdisciplinary participants from all over the world. The second gathering of partners is taking place on 4 December and will be prompting questions of 'REPAIR' It is produced in collaboration with Click Festival

We encourage ITU researchers, particularly designers, to participate with ETHOS Lab. If interested, please contact Katrine Meldgaard Kjær or Rachel Douglas-Jones as registration is necessary.

When: 4 December from 9.30-15.00
Where: Fabrikken for Kunst & Design

How to Host a FlyingLess Academic

How to Host a FlyingLess Academic

Blogpost written by Rachel Douglas-Jones, co-Head of Lab

2018 was a big year in international awareness of the climate emergency. Inspired by the Swedish campaigner Greta Thunberg’s lone campaign which started in August, children across the world have been on school strike on Fridays, under the hashtag #FridaysForFuture. The Extinction Rebellion movement formalized in October.

For many of us, these movements hit close to home. 2018 was also the year that anthropologists coordinated for a wholly virtual conference, Displacements / #displace18, written up by Anand Pandian here. In 2019, following the American Anthropological Association’s refusal to develop virtual presentation options, a number of scholars dropped out.

Academics travel. We travel for fieldwork, to speak, to conferences, to meet collaborators and make projects happen. Those who have chosen to fly less are asked to tell their stories. But what does it mean to be the other side of the engagement, the hosts of the ground-traveling scholar?

Read the blogpost

GDPR in ETHOS Lab: On deletion, implementation and compliance

GDPR: On deletion, implementation and compliance

Blogpost by Simy Kaur Gahoonia, Lab Manager from March 2018-April 2019 and assistant/researcher throughout 2019.

Like so many others, ETHOS Lab has concerned it self a lot with the General Data Protection Regulation. We have been concerned with GDPR at least since 2017, well before it came into effect, and specifically, we have been concerned with deletion, implementation and compliance–just in artful, experimental, interventionist ways, as is tradition in our techno-humanities lab.

The GDPR occupied much of my time in the lab, as Lab Manager and as assistant and researcher in ETHOS Lab subsequently. It came to center around three interventions, from Spring 2018 until I finally “left” ETHOS Lab as daily staff at the end of 2019. The three interventions were Compliance, The Great Deletion Poetry Rave and the chapbook, GDPR: Deletion Poems.......

Read the rest of the blogpost.


Invitation: Lab Hygge

Dear friends of the lab, the past and the future

ETHOS Lab once again invites you to an end-of-semester HYGGE including cheer, drinks and snacks in the shine of our twinkling ceiling lights; We will provide room, atmosphere and some drinks and snacks.

As a tradition in the lab, we encourage you to bring whatever baked goods, sweets from around the world, hoppy home-brewed beers etc., you may want to share with the lab community and friends. Hope to see you there!

When: 18 December from 15-17
Where: ETHOS Lab, 3A30, ITU

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Other News & Info

Our Research Group Technologies in Practice (TiP) have redesigned their website and it looks amazing! Check it out at
Our ITU Ecological Community: RethinkIT: 
A Green Student Movement is growing at ITU and if you want to take part in it, start by joining for breakfast every Thursday from 9-10

A Book on Data Feminism - get involved in an upcoming book by MIT Press open for community review until 6 january 2020 

A Community Talk on Feminist Internet is hosted by Space10 and presented by Co-founder Clara Finnigan. A talk about inequality on the internet.   

A Talk by David Karpf on Digital Futures in Retrospect on 4 Dec at 15-16:00, room 2A18 - read more here  

Fall/Winter Schools

13-17 Jan 2020

Digital Methods Winter School and Data Sprint on 'Post-API research? On the remnants of social media data.'. Join The Digital Methods Initiative (DMI) in Amsterdam and send application before 19 Nov 2019

Conferences/Call for abstracts

19-20 March 2020
Data as Relation final conference: Data Times: Immediacies, Lifecycles, Forgettings

4-7 Juni 2020
Conference on Anthropology and Geography: Dialogues Past, Present and Future

PhD/Job Calls

Lab Assistant (student position) in ETHOS LAB Application deadline 10 January 2020

PhD Fellow on the project Welfare after Digitalization within the Technologies in Practice (TiP) research group (Dept. of Business IT) at The IT University of Copenhagen.

PhD Fellow in the Department of Anthropology at the University of Copenhagen within the project: ‘Stay CONNECTed: Digital technologies and rehabilitation in Danish dementia care’. Submission deadline December 8, 2019

Assistant Professor in Department of Engineering, Design, and Society (Tenure-Track), deadline 7 Jan 


Videos from former publicETHOS events

Opening hours are Tuesday and Thursday at 12.30-16:00 in 3A30