Lab Interns

Viktoriya Feshak

ETHOS Lab intern, October 1 – December 31
Viktoriya is a M.A. student in Responsibility in Science, Engineering and Technology (RESET), offered by Munich Centre for Technology in Society (MCTS) at the Technical University of Munich, Germany. MCTS is an Integrative Research Center that is dedicated to understanding and reflexively shaping the multiple interactions between science, technology and society. Being part of MCTS, the master program RESET proposes a transdisciplinary, practice-oriented education that addresses technical and social aspects of responsibility in today’s highly technologized societies. Viktoriya is on her third term of the master program, where students are required to complete an internship, either in company or an STS-related institution, in order to reflect on their experience from an STS perspective, particularly with regard to questions of responsibility.

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Lotte Schack

ETHOS Lab intern, November 15 – December 15, 2019
Lotte recently graduated from the University of Copenhagen with a master’s degree in Anthropology. Her master thesis research was on unemployment and precarious work in Berlin. Here, she conducted four months of fieldwork with two anti-precarity activist groups to research the effects of neoliberal labour market reforms on the lives of un- and precariously employed. Focus of her study was on how the state plays an active role in creating precarity and how activists seek to challenge this state-sanctioned precarity. As part of the thesis, Lotte examined the ideologies of work and moral ideas of employment underpinning the unemployment system. In her internship at ETHOS Lab she will be building upon her thesis conclusions in order to investigate unemployed graduates’ experiences with the Danish unemployment system.