August 2017

Welcome back!

The ETHOS Lab staff is back from vacation and we are beginning to plan a lot of exciting activities for next semester. 

Before holidays begun, we had a lovely barbecue with people from the ETHOS Lab community and want to extend a huge thanks to everyone participating, making it a great and fun evening.

A new semester means new students! This year, ETHOS Lab will be a part of the introduction days for the new master students on Digital Innovation & Management and an awesome lab team are preparing a new round of the course 'Navigating Complexity, Mapping, Visualization and Decision Making'. 

Recruitment of students interested in becoming Junior Researcher in ETHOS Lab has just kicked off. This role is dedicated to conducting a research project, assisting researchers with their research or experimenting with tools or methods. If interested, make sure you read more about applying for the Junior Researcher role as the deadline is 13th September at 12:00. 

We already have some prominent scholars in the pipeline for the coming semester.
In September Noortje Marres, who has been with us before, will join us for a methods-seminar discussing digital platforms, networked imagery and the ethnographic description. These are extended topics of her new book Digital Sociology

Keep tuned on our Facebook page, Twitter and ReadIT for information about upcoming activities.

We look forward to a great new semester!

All the best,



Cæcilie Laursen - What is a data sprint?

Student involvement: We are looking for new Junior Researchers

Are you interested in becoming part of ETHOS Lab? We are always looking for enthusiastic students to volunteer and be a part of our research lab and in September we will be recruiting Junior Researchers to our team.

In the role as a junior researcher, you are to conduct a research project of your own choosing in collaboration with ETHOS Lab. You will become part of a cool team of researchers and other junior researchers. See examples of previous Junior Researcher projects here and keep an eye out on our blog. 

Read more about the role here and you are always welcome to stop by the lab if you have questions. Deadline is September 13th at 12:00 and applications are send to Lab Manager Marie Blønd on  

If you don’t have the spare time to be a Junior Researcher, you can always become an ETHOS Lab community member, contributing in other ways. Community members have no formal responsibilities in the lab, but are included in social and academic events. To become a community member, write an e-mail to with ‘community member’ in the subject line. 



Teaching: Seminar with Noortje Marres

STS and digital methods scholar Noortje Marres is joining us in September for a seminar on networked, online data and ethnography.

The seminar asks: How to understand interconnected, digital platforms and online, networked imagery as materials that prompt new forms of ethnographic descriptions? How might the multiplying of environments transform our interpretative practices and theoretical inquiries? What might speculative, experimental or creative takes on ethnographic description (situated analytics) offer in this regard?

The methods seminar is sponsored by ETHOS Lab and the Data as Relation research project. You can read more about the topic of the seminar and researchers can register here. If you are a student, you are invited to observe the seminar from 12:30.

Time: Thursday September 21, 12:00-16:00
Place: Room 5A14/16, IT University of Copenhagen
Students are welcome to observe from 12:30


Research: Mapping a Colony

ETHOS Lab is collaborating with Copenhagen University on a a research project called 'Mapping a Colony'. It is an experiment in alternative ways of mapping and remembering Danish colonial heritage. The project is moving along and you can take a sneak peak at the prototype here. Research partners are: The Royal Library, the Uncertain Archives project, the Past’s Future project, and the author Lene Asp.

If this topic is of interest to you, then we recommend you visiting the exhibition 'Blind Spots' at the Royal Library that runs until 3 February 2018.  


Services: OK, Google!

Welcome to our new Lab Assistant: A Google Home Device! You may use it for experiments, ethnographic studies, ask it anything or just become familiar with a digital home assistant. As part of the introductory days for the new Master students at ITU, ETHOS Lab will be hosting activities, which will partly involves this new member of the lab. In addition it is used for making ethnographic descriptions and everyday experiments, raising relevant socio-technical issues and questions of how this particular design is shaping practices. 

Any ideas for what we should call our new companion?

If you are interested in borrowing our assistant for a research project, it can of course be arranged. Come by the lab to hear more or write us an e-mail at

Seminar with Noortje Marres

Is a Tweet a fieldnote?

During the summer, Head of Lab Rachel Douglas-Jones presented at the first meeting of EASA network #COLLEEX, a collaboratory for ethnographic experimentation. Her presentation "Is a tweet a fieldnote? Reflections on #ESIFRice" discussing participation in an online experiment combining twitter and ethnography. The meeting was run by The Ethnography Studio at Rice University and you can explore it through tweets in a storify-version here.

Do you know ETHOS Lab is on Twitter? Follow us on @ethositu and maybe also Rachel Douglas-Jones @kaisirlin, Lab Manager Marie Blønd on @Marie_ITU, Technologies in Practice Research Group @tip_ITU and Data as Relation Research Prooject @DaR_itu


Other News

• Are you about to write your master thesis? The researchers affiliated with the lab has written down themes of research that interest them, which you can use for inspiration. Read more here.

• Our junior researchers from last semester are currently working on finishing the blogposts about their research. Keep an eye on our blog where they will be posted in the coming weeks.

• Opening hours are Tuesday and Thursday at 12.30-16. You can also send us an email and we will respond asap.