The fall semester of 2016 has been enriched by our 9 Junior Researchers, who have  all contributed with their unique ideas and projects. Below you will find links to the end products from this semester. Most of the researchers stay with us in 2017, and will continue their work. Each of the projects are open-ended and so it is also possible for new junior researchers to build upon them. Some of the Junior Researchers will also continue their work with ETHOS Lab in the spring semester of 2017.

Viktor Hargitai: Leg-og-Læring (LoL) app

Minna Jensen: Electricity Map

Adam Pantkowski: Electricity Map

Tali Melchior: Gender distribution at ITU

Tiemo Thiess: “Studying Facebooks News Feed Algorithm with a Grounded Theory approach”

Benjamin Hervit: Inherent Politics in Public Data

Cæcilie Laursen: What is a data sprint?

Per Nagbøl: Studying Literature at Danish Universities