Junior researchers

ETHOS Lab, an experimental methods lab involved in both ethnographic practices and digital methods. It is a research community run by researchers and volunteer students. As a student, you have the opportunity of becoming part of this community by enrolling in the volunteer position ‘Junior Researcher’. The call for these positions is always in September at semester start.  

Junior Researcher

A Junior Researcher is a talented, enthusiastic student who is interested in being part of an experimental research lab while contributing to informal knowledge sharing and being part of an academic community. The role is not paid but considered an extracurricular activity that comes with a community of research fellowship.

Read more about the Junior Researcher role here.

How to apply:

As a Junior Researcher, you will primarily conduct and share a research project within the lab where you will get interdisciplinary feedback in the process.

Apply for the role by either:

  1. Suggesting your own project idea inspired by or related to some of the broad ETHOS research themes
  2. Propose a project on how you want to develop a tool related to how we methodologically can explore digital methods and/or ethnography practices.

It is not required for your project to be ECTS related or having an affiliated supervisor. You can find inspiration as for themes and project ideas on ETHOS website or contact Lab Manager Marie Blønd mblo@itu.dk

The application should explain why you want to apply (motivation) and contain a description of your project idea. If the project is ECTS related, please include name of your supervisor. In addition, you may also add which relevant skills/knowledges you bring to the lab and community. For planning purposes, we ask you to submit an overview of your weekly study schedule.

Look here if you wish to do voluntary work in the lab or if you wish to join our community.