Open positions

ETHOS Lab, an experimental methods lab involved in both ethnographic practices and digital methods, is run by a staff of researchers and students, some of which are volunteers. This page details any openings currently available in the lab.

Lab TA (paid, 70 hrs) in the Spring 2019 semester

Application deadline: Friday 22 February 2019 17:00.

To apply, please send your CV and a motivated cover letter to

The ETHOS Lab is an experimental techno-humanities and organizational services lab that creates a collaborative research and teaching environment at the IT University of Copenhagen. We explore data and data landscapes in contemporary society, with particular attention to the intersection of ethnography and digital methods. In Spring 2019 we are looking for a motivated student with plenty of initiative to run our Python Study Group at the ETHOS Lab, which will be open to all ITU staff and students, including alumni and project partners.

The Lab TA role will be to run the course for minimum of 8 weeks during the Spring 2019 semester.

You can choose the teaching materials yourself or draw on existing resources within the ETHOS Lab, which include use of the book ¨Learn Python the hard way’. You should ideally have experience in leading groups of students in the study of code, facilitating exercises, organizing classroom time, and planning out learning trajectories.

The role also involves assessing and catering to different levels of Python programming skills, from those who have never coded in any program to those who frequently code in Python. You will need to decide whether to create subgroups divided by interests or tracks, and facilitate a learning community of collective efforts and support.

You will need to provide information for the website, ensure that dates are available for dissemination, and coordinate with the ETHOS Lab Lab Manager. You will need to field questions about the study group, manage communication about the study group, ensure room bookings are in place, purchase study snacks and request reimbursements, and support with Study Group activities.

While the majority of your hours will be spent running the ETHOS Lab Python Study Group, you may also be asked to support lab-based activities during the semester, whether in the Junior Researcher Programme, events run by the Heads of Lab or day-to-day work with the Lab Manager.

Look here if you wish to do voluntary work in the lab or if you wish to join our community.