The Data Citizen – New Modes of Being in the emergent Internet of Things

Public Talk By Geoffrey Bowker
The IT-University of Copenhagen
April 1st, Aud 2, 14:15 –15:45 PM

In his talk Geoffrey Bowker will explore ways in which the experience of being human is being altered through big data analytics. While there is afiliation with the traditions of governmentality and the control society, the more rapid and pervasive feedback loops of the emergent internet of things mark a qualitative change in the ways in which our personal selves are distributed through our information infrastructures

Geoffrey Bowker is Professor and Director of the Values in Design Laboratory at the University of California Irvine. He is the author of a range of articles and books in the intersection between Informatics, Science and Technology Studies, Computer Supported Cooperative and the history and philosophy of computing. He will be visiting Velux professor at the IT-University of Copenhagen spring 2016.

This Public Talk is co-hosted by:

Critical Systems   ETHOS Newest

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