We warmly welcome Rasmus Rosendahl and Cæcilie Laursen, who have joined the staff of ETHOS Lab.

Rasmus will be associated with the lab during September and October as a full-time intern. His work in the lab will include day-to-day management, communications, execution of events and coffee-brewing.

Having graduated from the University of Roskilde with a master degree in communications, Rasmus’ field of academic interests range from semiotics to political philosophy (and the intersection between the two). Here, government and power-relations are keywords for Rasmus. He wrote his thesis on the use of Big Data in journalism with a constructivist view on truth production.

Feel free to drop by the lab and say to hi to Rasmus, who looks very much forward to meeting everybody involved with ETHOS Lab.

Cæcilie is our new Lab Assistant in ETHOS Lab. Cæcilie is studying Digital innovation and management at her second semester here at ITU and she has a bachelor degree in Techno-anthropology. She is interested in digital methods, data analysis and visualisation and she hopes to combine these research areas with ethnographic approaches. She started in the ETHOS Lab as a Junior Researcher and will also continue her research responsibilities during the semester. Her work in the lab will be to help out with day-to-day management, supporting the ETHOS Lab Community and the teaching-events and activities we facilitate.

If you did not meet Cæcilie already during the spring semester, you will probably meet her at the upcoming Python Study Group, at publicETHOS and other events.