ETHOS Lab has the joy of hosting Jasmin Shokoui this fall who will be doing her academic internship with us.

She is a student from Munich Center for Technology in Society (MCTS) at the Technical University of Munich and the master’s program “Responsibility in Science, Engineering and Technology” (M.A. RESET) and has prior experiences working at Fortiss.

Here is a short introduction to what she will be doing during her internship.


What led you to get in contact with ETHOS Lab?

All the great stories I heard from former Lab interns and the creative and experimental emphasis on methodology at ETHOS Lab.


What will you be working on in the Lab?

​I will carry out a research project on Digital Detox as well as taken part in the day-today activities in the Lab.


How does your research interest resonate with what is going on the Lab?

The Lab also focusses on the implications of digital technologies for selfcare this semester. During the events hosted in this context, I will have the opportunity to conduct some ethnographical fieldwork.


What are your hopes for this internship?

To learn more about academic culture in an interdisciplinary, multinational setting and to conduct some interesting empirical data on the practice and the socio-cultural image of Digital Detox.