On the eve that the GDPR becomes regulatory fact across Europe, we will be transforming the ETHOS Lab into a party space. We invite everyone to join us May 24 from 17:00 to 19:00 for a rave in the ETHOS Lab in room 3A30 at the IT University of Copenhagen.

As researchers in the ETHOS Lab, we are interested in data in all its forms, but especially in the technologies through which people relate to it. We will black out our windows, play data soundscapes, hang GDPR wallpaper, drink beer and make deletion poetry!

This will be an evening of arts engagement and techno-humanities experimentation at a key moment in regulation transformation.

Entry: Bring something to delete, as this will be your entry ticket to the party.

Dress Code (optional): Article Based – (e.g. come as The Right to be Forgotten (Art. 17) or The Right To Object (Art. 21) All welcome!