On April 17th, 2015 the ETHOSLab and REAL Lab at ITU hosted a joint launch party. In adjacent rooms on ITU’s 5th floor, these two labs launched into the world with dreams of experimentality and fun.

We like to think we have had an excellently experimental 5 years, and to celebrate our fifth birthday milestone, we are hosting a party. Online, given the circumstances. 

Join us on Zoom Friday April 17th 2020 for an hour of ETHOS fun. We promise quizzes, speeches, Lab mementos and general online good times to celebrate the wonderful work that takes place at ITU through ETHOS.

As a gift to the lab, we are encouraging you all to send us a message in a bottle to collectively celebrate the lab and describe our DNA and add to our collective memory. 

Bring your own cake!

When: Friday, 17th April

Where: In Zoom from 14-15.00