March 2020

The Black Box Speaks...

If you follow us on Twitter you may have noticed something strange happening in week 7. Our Twitter account was possessed and the black box in ETHOS Lab spoke through the specialized medium Line Henriksen. The Black Box is the main character in a recently accepted paper in alt.CHI2020 (celebration!). The box was given life by Simy Kaur in the GDPR Deletion event at DASTS Conference 2018: Engage the Data Moment. Speaking on behalf of the box was our contribution to #Lovedata20 Week focusing on the ambiguity of living with not opening the black box (of data).  

A warm welcome to Luuk Blum! Our new Lab Assistant for 2020. Luuk is also known as one of the founding members of the green student initiative ReThinkIT and he is finishing his last chapter on MSc of Digital Innovation & Management. We also have an addition to our team of Junior Researchers. Rebecca, Clara and Nanna are investigating the mandatory state digitalization in Greenland. They have already landed in Greenland for their ethnographic field study and will be aesthetically reporting through ETHOS Lab's instagram.

Below is an invitation (registration necessary) for 18 March from 10-12 to a book launch seminar with Dr. Andrea Ballestero on her recent monograph “A Future History of Water“. The seminar is made in collaboration with the Antropologforening and organized in conjunction with World Water Day. Also remember that it is the last chance for signing up to the Data As Relation conference on the 19-20 March - deadline is tomorrow!  

The Python Study Group is starting up this week and it is the last chance to sign up for an 8 week commitment to learning Python coding in a community environment with other students and staff. The Junior Researchers are also leading a weekly commitment to writing in their 'Shut up and Write' sessions on Thursdays from 13-16:00. 

On our MetaData blog is an illuminating LinkedIn experiment by Lotte Schack and an introduction to one of our Junior Researcher's Kristoffer Kloch's project on experimenting with podcasts. Kristoffer gives us a glimpse into his philosophical contemplations of knowledge production in the midst of his project. 

Thank you to Research & Learning support, PhD student Lisa Merete Kristensen from SDU and all the students that attended the PhD Info day. It was a very informative session of going through the different types of PhDs possibilities, the pragmatics and the lived experience of a becoming a PhD. The session was rounded off with a workshop lead by co-head of lab Rachel Douglas-Jones on how to analyse a PhD call and how to write the application. Good luck to everyone and check out 'other news' for PhD calls.  

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All the best,
Co-heads of Lab: Marisa Cohn & Rachel Douglas-Jones
Post doc: Katrine Meldgaard Kjær
Lab Manager: Marie Blønd

The Black Box speaks: Love Data Week!

The Black Box speaks: Love Data Week!

First Celebration. It is now official! We will be contributing to the alt.CHI 2020 conference with 'Upon Not Opening The Black Box' by Simy Kaur Gahoonia, Pedro Ferreira, Marisa Cohn et al. This was one of the first attempts of collectively creating a paper from the ETHOS events and workshops.  

The main character, the mysterious black box, in the dramaturgical paper has meanwhile become its own agent in the lab, claiming its space and opened the possibility of adding marked data to it. Have you noticed it? Have you contributed? 

Second Celebration: Week 7 was Love Data Week and we contributed with a methodological experiment of giving voice to the mysterious black box from ETHOS Lab. Our methodological tool for this facilitation is the specialized medium Line Henriksen possessing the ETHOS Lab’s Twitter account marked #lovedata20.  

Jump to Twitter to see the whole conversation

Book Launch: Future History of Water by Andrea Ballestero

Invitation: Future History of Water by Andrea Ballestero

ETHOS Lab and Antropologforeningen invite its members to the book launch seminar with Dr. Andrea Ballestero, Rice University (USA) on her recent monograph “A Future History of Water“. Working with NGOS, politicians, state representatives and activists in Costa Rica and Brazil, Ballestero explores what goes into making water access into a human right. 

We will explore the techno-legal devices that Ballestro describes in making water futures, and the bifurcations between water as a right, and as a global commodity.

Organized in conjunction with World Water Day, the morning will include discussant commentary, questions to Andrea, and reflections on ways of knowing water. Read more.

When: Wednesday 18 March from 10-12:00
Where: Start in ETHOS Lab 3A30

New people in the lab...

New people in the lab...

The Lab just expanded as we have both a new Lab Assistant as well as an additional group of Junior Researchers!! 

We are very thrilled to announce the ETHOS Lab's new student Lab Assistant Luuk Andreas Blum who started up in February and will assist the many initiative of the lab, build community and create more reading group initiatives. Luuk is finishing his MSc Digital Innovation & Management, writing his thesis drawing on feminist research, systems of engendering and matters of concern. As an active founding member of RethinkIT, Luuk has together with other students, brought together a community consisting of students, staff, and faculty eager to bring more ecological initiatives to ITU. Come by the lab during opening hours and meet this awesome lab fellow!! 

The 3 person group joining the rest of the Junior Researcher community this semester, consists of Rebecca, Nanna and Clara. They have just left for Greenland to study the mandatory state digitization in Greenland implemented in April 2020 and the implications of the initiative. Follow them on our Instagram account with vivid images from their experiences.

Read more about their project here.

Illuminating the invisible work of the unemployed through LinkedIn

Illuminating the invisible work of the unemployed through LinkedIn

By Lotte Schack, Anthropologist and intern in ETHOS Lab

Have you dared to experiment with your profile on LinkedIn in what seems as a counterproduction? In this blogpost Lotte Schack analyses the platform as an experiment with a particular stance: unemployment. She concludes that LinkedIn is used to promote a specific image of oneself: an employable and professional version. When enrolled in the Danish unemployment system, one is highly encouraged to make use of the platform in this specific way. In this experiment, I have sought to challenge this. I have showcased the skills acquired in the unemployed period that mostly remain unarticulated and registering the courses and activities the unemployed participate in as “experience”. In this way, I used LinkedIn to unveil the amount of work the unemployed are expected and required to put into our job search. What other uses of the platform might we think of? How else can we challenge its streamlined business aesthetics?

Read the whole blogpost
Connect with the experiment on Linkedin 

Podcast as a method in knowledge production

Podcast as a method in knowledge production

By Kristoffer Kloch, Junior Researcher in ETHOS Lab and student in MSc Digital innovation & Management

My junior research project at the ETHOSLab tackles this idea of the academic research paper as an entrance ticket into the realm of producing established knowledge. Specifically, to put things on the edge, I am looking at what one can do with the spoken word that one cannot do with the written? And oppositely, what will you miss in the spoken method compared to the written method? We live in a time where technological capabilities allow us to ‘document’ our research verbally, yet this method of knowledge production is still considered a pseudo-format at best.
Read Kristtoffer's blogpost here...

Python Study Group for the next 8 weeks - join in!

Python Study Group for the next 8 weeks!

The Python Study Group 8 week sessions will be starting up this Thursday the 5 March!! This is last chance for signing up 

When: Thursdays from 17:30 - 19:30 (room 5A14-16) starting 5 March - 30. April

Sign-up: .

The community-centered learning will revolve around the book 'Learn Python the Hard Way' and no prior programming skills are required to participate. The purpose of the study group is to gather a community of people interested in learning the programming language Python. It doesn’t matter if you are a newbie or programming wizard. Everyone is welcome and we encourage both beginners and more advanced programmers to join. The idea is to create a structured learning environment where we mutually help each other on the path to understanding the programming better. In other words, we encourage everyone to take the notion of a study group to heart. Read more.

Shut Up & Write starts up 5 March!!

Shut Up & Write starts up 5 March!!

Writing is a craft and one of the key requirements in conveying any research. It is also a vital part of academia and requires creativity but also scientific robustness. ETHOS Lab acknowledges this desk-work as an analytical process that needs to be taken seriously, which is why junior researchers have taken the initiative to run weekly #shutupandwrite sessions.

Read more or show up on Thursday from 13-16:00 in ETHOS Lab (3A30)


Other News & Info

Play the Moral Machine
Test your own morals up against machine intelligence in dilemmas for self-driving cars 

First special Issue of Feminist Review out now @

Two Bright Minds - Fairness in AI
19 March from 16-20:00 
A talk with Margrethe Vestager and a professor with knowledge in AI to investigate fairness in AI.
Read more..

CPH:DOX on 24 March @ 20:45 

An Evening with the Digital Privacy Movement presenting the film ‘The Social Dilemma’ focusing on the counter movement going ‘off-grid’, demanding private data back from Tech-Giants.

Conferences/Call for abstracts

19-20 March 2020
Data as Relation final conference: Data Times: Immediacies, Lifecycles, Forgettings. Last date for registering 2. March 2020

4-7 Juni 2020
Conference on Anthropology and Geography: Dialogues Past, Present and Future

SATS - Northern European Journal of Philosphy 
Call for papers for the special issue - Read the call here 
Deadline for abstract May 1, 2020 
Publication March 2021

PhD/Job Calls

PhD-stipendium i Overvågning og brugerinvolvering i sundhedssektorenDeadline 15 March 2020


Ph.D.position in Citizen Science - Patient and Public Engagement ind Clinical Health Research. Deadline 15 April 2020


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