May 2019


What Dreams May Come!

Ursula K. Le Guin once wrote "Dreams take shortcuts". Indeed. ETHOS Lab welcomes its very own Postdoc researcher Katrine Melgaard Kjær! Lab Manager Marie Blønd is back in the lab and we marked the occasion with an interview. We are so thrilled that Simy Kaur will stay in the lab as part-time assistant (while working on other exciting aspirations) after an excellent year in the role as Lab Manager. HURRAY!      

Junior Researchers have all pitched and played with feedback from lab affiliated researchers. Python Study Group had their official last session and ETHOS Lab TA Veronika has shared her reflections. This is the official month of intense writing leading up to exam deadlines. Students be aware that 'Motivational Writing' run by Lauge is taking place in ETHOS Lab 3A30 every Wednesday afternoon. Everyone is welcome to join and bring snacks! A researcher version called 'Shut Up & Write' takes place on Wednesdays from 13-15 in 3A08.

Previous Junior Researcher and Lab Assistant Cæcilie has shared her reflections on the Visual Vignette workshop using data from her thesis. An excellent read on the visual vignette method used in practice.  

Following ETHOS Lab's launch part of the GDPR: Deletion Poems chapbook, the launch is happening at Oxford University where co-head of lab Rachel Douglas-Jones have re-located for the occasion. Follow her on Twitter handle @kaisirlin.

Rumour has it that we may get a visit from Mel Gregg later on in the month with informal knowledge exchange on her latest research interests and also her published book 'Counterproductive: Time Management in the Knowledge Economy'.

In the pipeline is our annual get-together, the Summer BBQ, where staff, students and alumni affiliated with the ETHOS Lab meet up and share their ongoing aspirations.    

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Lab Management: 

Simy Kaur competently covered for Marie in the year of maternity leave and is thus now an inherent part of the lab culture, community and spirit. Therefore, we are thrilled that Simy has accepted to stay on part-time as the lab assistant while she is launching other academic aspirations. The ETHOS Lab community is thriving and this is, in part, something that Simy will keep nurturing in her role. You can find her around, in parts, on Tuesdays during the opening hours and she is still game on academic and philosophical sparring.  

Marie Blønd is back in the ETHOS Lab and has hit the ground running. She is excited about all the excellent events and projects that have been happening in a thriving ETHOS lab and looks forward to catching up with everyone and continuing in the 2019 theme 'Decelerate'. Fun fact is that she returns as an activist celebrity. We marked the occasion with an informal interview - have a read


Laboratory Life: ETHOS' Postdoc Katrine Melgaard Kjær

On May 1st, we welcomed Katrine to ETHOS Lab and celebrated ETHOS Lab's very first Postdoc! Katrine will be conducting her research, funded by Carlsbergfondet, entitled 'Controversial Healing: making sense of medicinal cannabis debates'. Methodologically Katrine will be ethnographically prompted while using digital methods for analytical exploration and analysis. Read more about her research here or....

Follow the ongoing research on (page is currently under construction) and on Twitter @controversyheal


GDPR: Deletion Poems Oxford Launch

On the 23rd of May, co-head of Lab Rachel Douglas-Jones will be hosting the UK launch of the GDPR Chapbook at the Big Data Institute, Oxford University. Calum Docherty, contributor of the preface poems will be reading his contributions and copies will be distributed to the Oxford based authors in the collection. The ETHOX library will be presented with a copy for display. 
Rachel will be reporting from Twitter on handles @kaisirlin and @ethositu


Metadata blog: 'Engaging with test results: a visual vignette'

Former ETHOS Lab Assistant, Junior Researcher and perpetual friend of the lab, Cæcilie S. Laursen, has written an excellent blogpost about her Master thesis work on the patient portal, Min Sundhedsplatform (EN: My Health Platform) in so-called visual vignette style. Click here to read it.


Teaching: Python Study Group

ETHOS Lab TA Veronika Skotting's sums it up and reflects.

As some of the readers might know, ETHOS has facilitated Python Study Group this semester. For the past 8 weeks we have filled a whole classroom on the 3rd floor with a motley crowd ageing between 19 - 60+ with a shared interest for Python programming. We were curious about who would participate when we first started and it has been a delightful surprise to see a 50/50 distribution between men and women. The study group was coordinated by ETHOS Lab TA Veronika Skotting with the invaluable help of Junior Researchers and volunteers Joe Massey, Ieva Jasaityte and Viktor Thomsen.

We hope to be back next semester!


Writing session for students

May is the season of writing for students in the educational rhythms of exams and semesters. Writing as a practice can quickly become a lonely, silo process with very little sharing and caring. Motivational Writing for Good Times, open to all every Wednesday, for sharing our writing experience together. Bring a goal for the day, large or small and work on it for 25x4 minutes. ETHOS Lab Junior Researcher Lauge Groes coordinates the writing group, and you can check out the recurring Facebook event.

When & Where: every Wednesday in the lab from 13 to appx 16:00

Facebook event


Other News & Info

• Videos from former publicETHOS events

• Opening hours are Tuesday and Thursday at 12.30-16:00 in 3A30

• Software licenses
NViVo: New licenses are out - write to for license key
AZURECome by the lab before May 15th and activate a 30 month trial for Microsoft Azure with one of our free passes.

• Techfestival Copenhagen 5-7 September '19

• Digtial Methods Summer School by University of Amsterdam is this year from 1-12th July. Theme is 'Trolls, bots and dictators - On the current state of social media research'. Deadline for application is 20th May 2019. Be aware that you get discount as an ITU student and you can apply for further funding through the student travel pool.