September 2017

September Mission #grandfinale!

What a start to a new semester! The ETHOS Lab welcomed 150 new students to the MSc programme in Digital Innovation & Management by setting up a voice-recognition post for the intro-day's scavenger hunt. The activity was to solve different tasks and get to know either the Google Home Device or Alexa by asking questions and hopefully uncover the hidden password. At the end of the day, we had collected empirical video material for our research and the activity was rated the most popular among the students. Great fun! 

#TechFestival and Copenhagen Makers Festival have been on the agenda for this week. Collecting lots of inspiration from mutual practitioners, experiments, researchers and enthusiasts. Tomorrow, find us at the Codher pop-up event and the GDG Copenhagen Meetup event 'Extend your Google Home with new Actions-on-Google using chatbot platform'.

Next week, we are celebrating the requiem of a spacecraft and everyone is welcome!  
Friday, September 15, the NASA Spacecraft Cassini will conclude its controlled descent into Saturn’s atmosphere. Come and enjoy this final moment with (hopefully!) live streaming of the final communication, collection of the #grandfinale hashtag and talks by Heads of Lab Marisa Cohn and Rachel Douglas-Jones. 

Wednesday the 13 September at 12:00 is the deadline for Junior Researcher applications. If you are an ITU-student interested in getting involved but still looking for the right project, we have a qualitative user-study at your disposal where you will be working with the research project VIRT-EU. Read more below.

The seminar with Noortje Marres on September 21, is still open for registration for researcher participation. Students are very welcome to join in from 12:30 but registration is not needed. 

Zotero workshops and Shut up & Write student sessions are starting up in September. Make sure you register, so we can update you on the details. We will also announce it on the communication channels and website. 

On the blog, we are featuring a post from Viktor Hargitai, Junior Researcher in spring semester, on his bachelor thesis project with Associate Professor Irina Shklovski. Have a read and look out for more blog posts in the coming seasons from our other Junior Researchers. 

In October, Lucy Suchman will be visiting and giving a public talk on Friday October 6.

Stay tuned on our Facebook page, Twitter and ReadIT for information about upcoming activities and contact us if you have any great ideas for lab involvement.

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Cæcilie Laursen - What is a data sprint?

Student involvement: Looking for the right project? 

On September 13, 12 noon, the application deadline for Junior Researchers runs out. But what if you have not found the right project yet or just want to be a volunteer? No sweat....

We have a brand new project description from VIRT-EU that might be interesting. The study is qualitative user-studies on data leakage and ITU may be at your disposal at 'Kulturnat' to conduct the studies. Apply now, if you are interested in helping out!

More specifically, the project is about data leakage on mobile phones and how people perceive such privacy tampering. We are looking for students interesting in doing some qualitative research on how people conceptualize data leakage. As part of the project, students would do user-evaluations with an existing app that monitors data leakage from your phone in real-time (this is being developed by our partners at UC Irvine) as well as an add-on to that software. The add-on enables users to trigger a tiny electric shock each time a leakage occurs......



Teaching: ZOTERO

Sharing our academic practices is valuable in a university setting. Student or researcher, using a bibliographic tool to keep track of all your research and empirical sources is essential. 

There are many academic tools and finding the right one to fit your needs can be troublesome and time consuming. This introductory workshop presents the opensource tool Zotero and we give some examples of its affordances and how to use it in practice.  


When: Wednesday 27 September, 9:30-11:00
Where: ETHOS Lab, 1C05
Register here


Research: Requiem for a Spacecraft!

On Friday the 15th of September, the NASA Spacecraft Cassini will conclude its controlled descent into Saturn’s atmosphere.
In the ETHOS Lab, TiP ethnographers will combine long term ethnographic research with real-time collection of the #grandfinale hashtag, and (hopefully) livestreaming from NASA as Cassini’s final communications come through from Saturn.

Heads of Lab will be sharing their research. Marisa Cohn has conducted a long term ethnographic study of the probe, which launched in 1997 and has been orbiting Saturn since 2004. Her research explores the problems of long lived systems, the work of spacecraft engineers and particularly software developers as they stay with a problem. Rachel Douglas-Jones, working on the Data as Relation project, will speak within the research themeTemporalities of Data to discuss affective power in anthropologies of outerspace.

When: Friday Sept 15, 13:30-14:30
Where: ETHOS Lab, 1C05, ITU
Everyone is welcome.
There will be snacks, live-stream, talks and #poetry


Services: Shut Up & Write

Writing is a craft and one of the key requirements in conveying any research. It is also a vital part of academia and requires creativity but also scientific robustness. ETHOS Lab acknowledges this deskwork as an analytical process that needs to be taken seriously and we are therefore starting up weekly #shutupandwrite sessions on Thursdays from 9:30-11:30. The first session is next week, Thursday September 14.

This initiative was kicked-off by a thesis writing workshop by co-head of lab Rachel Douglas-Jones, also co-teaching the course 'Writing Innovation Studio'. Rachel has successfully been organising #shutupandwrite sessions for ETHOS Lab researchers and refers to the blog 'The Thesis Whisperer' by Dr. Inger Mewburn, Director of Research Training at the Australian National University for inspiration.

No matter what you are writing on - please join in the sessions. 

#Shutupandwrite is scheduled in the ETHOS calendar

When: Every Thursday
Where: ETHOS Lab, 1C05 
Register here

Seminar with Noortje Marres

Blog: Decision Making in Dataset Anonymization

Viktor Hargitai, ETHOS Lab Junior Researcher in the spring semester 2017, presents a blogpost on his research for his bachelor thesis. Viktor will continue his studies at University of Copenhagen in the Msc programme for IT & Cognition. Although, he is still around ITU as a Teaching Assistant, so do not hesitate to ask him about his project or his recent internship in a Big Data Analytics department.  

Viktor's research suggests that citizens’ concerns about privacy are not aligned with how anonymization techniques are applied in practice. Read more here


Other News

• New researchers affiliated with the lab: Welcome to Assistant Professors Baki Cakici from Technologies in Practice and Aske Kammer from Department of Digital Design. 

• Call for papers to the International Conference "Unfinished Histories" at University of Copenhagen & Royal Danish Library. Deadline October 1.

• PhD call in Digital Journalism, Norway

• PhD position available in the Processing Citizenship Project at University of Twente.

• We had a visit from scholars involved in the InfraData Project: Infrastructuring Internet of Things for public governance.

• Videos from former PublicETHOS events 

• Opening hours are Tuesday and Thursday at 12.30-16. You can also send us an email and we will respond asap.