As we gathered in December 2021 to tune in and look ahead, we discussed what currently took up space for us and what we hoped to use time on in 2022. As we often have found, our preoccupations, desires, and reflections interlinked in interesting ways. Brainstorming over a new annual theme for ETHOS Lab, patterns and connections appeared. Our thoughts circled around:

      • Materiality
        • The physical space of the lab
        • The body itself
      • Being in person magic
      • Re-enchantment with being in person, inertia, and resistance to ways it becomes exhausting
        • To whom is it an enchantment (who has the joy of the return)
        • Whose enchantments?
      • Re-embodiment and re-enchantment
      • Experiencing limits
      • Physicality of data and experiments
      • Being in touch with nature
      • Digital detox and self-care

From these reflections, the theme of Embodied (re)enchantment was established.

Frequently working from home and increasing our virtual meetups and use with technology during the last 2 years, has left us dreaming and longing for physical gatherings, and centering materialization, physicality, and embodiment. We want to feel, experience and be in our bodies; listen to them, learn from them and be in connection.

With embodied (re)enchantment, we will work with connecting data to concrete embodied experiences, speculative fabulations, the presence of what is difficult to describe, unfold numbers and be fascinated by the messiness and complexity they cover, play with materiality, awe nature and all the things there are yet to know, cast spells, and hopefully get closer to each other – one way or another.

In 2022, we want to nurture our own community and attend to the magic of being a feminist Lab and to the possibilities and powers of gathering, sharing, learning, and working together.

We will still invite you to join us, but also host internal workshops and skill-building sessions to bring gather resources and get the magic energy of collaboration in community flowing.