Reading Groups – Fall 2020


Coordinator: co-head of lab Rachel Douglas-Jones

For years, alongside and through discussions about data visualization, researchers in ETHOS Lab have been thinking about aesthetics. Different kinds of computational aesthetics – and the work they do in the world. To bring some of these conversations into focus, over the past year, Rachel Douglas-Jones and Lise Røjskær Pedersen have been hosting a Computational Aesthetics Reading Group in the ETHOS Lab. The reading group has been a means of discussing key texts and developing an ethnographic lens for

Themes in 2019 included Knowledge AestheticsSeeing in Computation, Persuasive Forms and Aesthetic Politics. The reading group continues in 2020.

Activism x Research

Coordinator: Lab Assistant & Extinction Rebellion activist Luuk Blum

ETHOS Lab is starting a reading group, Fall 2020, around the theme of Research within Activism. It takes a Stangerian stance approaching research as a constructive enterprise, a diverse, interdependent, and highly contingent system that does not simply discover pre-existing truths but, through specific practices and processes, helps shape them. To inform this process in a way that questions the dominance of academic expert knowledge the goal is to have about half of the participants active within activism, whereas the other half comes from within ITU.