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March Confining (and breaking it)

January/February 2021:Limits

December 2020

October/November 2020 Welcome to a new cohort of Junior Researchers working on a diverse set of projects. Celebrating Ada Lovelace Day with a workshop on ‘Materializing Data with Macrame’ and blogposts on datawalks, businesses oblivious to ethnographic enquiry and our lab intern’s reflections on semi-automatic transcriptions.  

September 2020 Back in the lab after lockdown and a new semester begins. The call for Junior Researchers is out and dates for the 8 week Python Study Group is official – this semester in runs on Wednesday evenings. Blogpost from co-head of lab Rachel Douglas-Jones on the PhD course ‘Research, Interrupted’ and one from Junior Researchers Nanna, Clara and Rebecca on doing ethnography in a post-colonial field – Greenland! A September Surprise Launch for a new volume of the GDPR Deletion Poetry Chapbook will soon be announced and a syllabus on the Digital Anthropocene is now in the ETHOS Lab toolbox – announced at the 4S EASST panel.  

June 2020 PhD course ‘Research, Interrupted’, blogpost with reflections and recommendations on hosting a local node online, an invitation to the annual summer party and announcing the final Pitch & Play for Junior Researchers in the lab. 

May 2020 An invitation to participate in the Distribute2020 conference by ACA and SCA on May 7-8-9 and specifically ETHOS Lab’s local node on Friday, 7 May from 9-12. A conference experiment in an online carbon-neutral format as opposed to physical megaconferences. New blog post by Junior Researcher Tea Meineche ‘fieldnotes from an echo chamber’ and a big THANK YOU to all those that participated in the lab anniversary celebration – please mark the 16 Oct 2020 as the new date for a physical celebration.     

April 2020 Living in pandemic times, we have moved our activities online and our project on ‘Pandemic Diaries’ is coming together like a patchwork within our lab community. The ETHOS Lab is celebrating its 5 year anniversary on the 17 April and inviting its network and community for a fun hour on zoom with a quiz, speeches and collective memoirs. For an overview of some of the digital tools that can be used for mapping analysis of both ethnographic data and theoretical data, make sure to read the blogpost by Junior Researcher Marianna Kozányiová ‘Navigating Qualitative Research in a Data-Intensive World.    

March 2020  Invitation to the book launch seminar with Dr. Andrea Ballestero 18 march 2020. #Lovedata20 week 7 focused on the ambiguity of living with not opening the black box (of data). Lotte Schack is illuminating LinkedIn with the metadata blog by experimenting with setting up an alternative profile filled with courses and skills encouraged by the unemployment system. Furthermore, Kristoffer Klock is experimenting with podcasts on the metadata blog. Welcome to 2020 Lab Assistant Luuk Blum, and Junior Researchers Rebecca, Clara, and Nanna who are investigating mandatory state digitalization in Greenland.

January/February 2020 The annual letter from Heads of Lab, sets the theme for year 2020: Deep Time. With a look back on the year of deceleration and autumn of writing workshops. We present 3 blogs;  from a methods workshop on social science methods for studying algorithms: an auto-ethnographic study of the Danish unemployment system and its training for precarity; and finally a project on constructing inclusion for the Copenhagen metro line. 

November/December 2019, Repair workshop with Lab of Aesthetics & Ecology and writing workshops internally in the lab. Blogposts by co-Head of Lab Rachel Douglas-Jones, Lab Assistant Simy Kaur and Junior Researcher Viktoriya Feshak are available on the ‘metadata blog’ ranging from topics of flying academics, to GDPR and STS podcasts! Welcome to intern Lotte Schack, “good-bye” and congrats to Simy Kaur and invite to Lab Hygge to end of the year!

October/November 2019, New Junior Researchers are starting up in the lab, a new collaboration with Laboratory for Aesthetics & Ecology is forming, Sarah Blacker is visiting 14 November and looking back we went on national Radio, ran a workshop with Diginauts and had our annual Ada Lovelace Day Celebration. 

September 2019, A new semester with both Python, TechFest, visitors and report from Digital Methods Initiative 

May 2019, Welcome to Katrine, PostDoc in the lab and her project Controversial Healing. GDPR Deletion Poem event taking place at  Oxford University and an interesting blog from former Junior Researcher Cæcilie Laursen on the workshop ‘Visual Vignette’.  

April 2019. We celebrated IoT Day, and the Junior Researchers got an opportunity to pitch and play with their projects.

March 2019. We welcomed our new Junior Researcher cohort and a new Lab TA, Veronika Skotting, who will be leading our Python Study Group. Bertil Ipsen may have left the lab, but returned to ITU to present at the Big Data and Power of Narrative conference with Lab Manager Simy.

February 2019. A workshop and two book launches! February was eventful, and a lot of new people and communities got to visit the lab.

January 2019. Introducing our new theme: ‘Decelerate’ and a save-the-date for the launch of our amazing ‘GDPR: Deletion Poems’ chapbook. Mace Ojala formally joined the lab as Lab TA, and we could not be more thrilled about this!

December 2o18. Thank you for an eventful year. ETHOS wishes you a wonderful Christmas break. See you on the other side!

November 2018 – The AI and Ethics project with ANE has concluded, and we developed a policy report for the Nordic engineers. ETHOS Lab designed data visualization and analysis exercises for the Masterclass with Prof. Brit Ross Winthereik. Visiting Junior Researcher Sophia Knopf shares her reflections on our past Ada Lovelace Day event.

October 2018 – Meet our new Junior Researchers and get a peak at a jam-packed October in ETHOS.

August-September 2018 – Fall semester 2018 kicks off, and we get have a new Lab Assistant af saying goodbye to Cæcilie.

May 2018 – It is all about GDPR these days. We are planning a number of activities dedicated to starting conversations about GDPR coming into effect, and what it might mean for data subjects and our technology practices.

April 2018 – ETHOS Lab marked IoT Day with VIRT-EU and our digital assistants Alexa and Google Home. At the ITU-hosted opening of The Danish Science Festival, we projected and brought context to a visualization of live and cyber attacks with honeypots and laser beams abound.

March 2018 – We will be visited by Stuart Geiger just before Easter, the descriptions of the Junior Researcher’s projects are on the webpage,  and Professor Brit Ross Winthereik will give her inaugural lecture March 23. Also read a blog post from our former Junior researchers.

February 2018 – The Lab has moved to 3A30, Lab Manager Marie Blønd will go on maternity leave March 1st and Simy will take over in her absence. Our Shut up & Write sessions and Python Study group are starting up again. You can also join in at our Tableau workshop February 22.

January 2018 – A new year, a new semester, new exciting events and a new theme for the lab titled ‘Speculative Instruments’. Read about our publicETHOS event with professor Sarah Pink, a PhD info-day and the initiation of weekly Shut up & Write sessions. Additionally, The Master course ‘Visionary Management of the Data-Driven Organisation’ is open for applicants until the 23rd March.

December 2017 – A thank you to all the people who have been involved in the lab in 2017. Brit Ross Winthereik has been awarded the title of Professor at the IT University. Read a blog post from Brit and from former Junior Researcher, Stefania Santagati. In January we will have a PhD info-day.

November 2017 – Read about the launch of Mapping a Colony website, visit by Nick Seaver, datasprint with the VIRT-EU research project and blogposts by both Lab Manager Marie and Junior Researcher Anette.  

October 2017 – Read about our three installations at Culture Night 2017, a public talk by Lucy Suchman on the fantasy of social robots, and a Latex workshop. We are also reviving the Python study group and it is still possible to join our Shut up & Write sessions. You can find the blog posts from our former Junior Researchers on the webpage.

September 2017 – We are having a publicETHOS called ‘Requiem for a spacecraft’ where we will livestream the NASA spacecraft Cassini’s descent into Saturn’s atmosphere. We are also initiating shut up & write sessions and a Zotero workshop. The research project Virt-EU are looking for students interested in doing a research project on data leakage. 

August 2017 – Preparing a new semester, involvement in DIM intro-days and recruiting Junior Researchers! Introducing our new technical lab assistant and our ethnographic experiments revolving around everyday practices. The project ‘Mapping A Colony’ is ready with a prototype and a storify report on our involvement in the network #COLLEEX, a collaboratory for ethnographic experimentation.   

June 2017 – In June we inviting to a datasprint on a new scraping tool developed by Associate Professor Pedro Ferreira but also to the yearly Summer Barbecue. Recordings of the publicETHOS talks are available and also a new exciting blogpost on Digital Citizenship. Reports from ETHOS Lab’s participation in the Nordic STS conference.

May 2017 – In May we have not one but three publicETHOS talks with prominent speakers, which you can read about. Michael Hockenhull has written a blogpost about the role of PhDs within STS. We also say goodbye to our lab intern Rasmus, but hello to Mace who will be working on the project ‘Mapping a Colony’.

April 2017 – This newsletter announces two workshops on Tableau in collaboration with Inviso, an ethnographic experiment by our Junior Researcher, Anette, the initiation of #shutupandwrite sessions, and a publicETHOS talk by Pernille Tranberg on Data Ethics.

March 2017 – Our March Newsletter is focusing on the recent datasprint with HUSET, the upcoming workshop with IBM Watson Analytics, #DataasRelation launch and an article by Daniel Tanev Parapunov on how to use ANTA for research.

February 2017 – We welcome the new semester with a letter from Heads of Lab, information on our first publicETHOS on Twitter and Ethnography with Andrea Ballestero and Rachel Douglas-Jones, a newly funded research project ‘Mapping Colonial Copenhagen’ and a Python, Github introduction.

January 2017 – We reflect on our Hyphe workshop with Mathieu Jacomy and bring your attention to a project from our ETHOS Lab community member, Jesper Henrichsen, who has visualised the Danish government’s Budget for 2017. The projects from our Junior Researchers are now published on our webpage.

December 2016 – We say goodbye to Michael Hockenhull who will be commencing his PhD, and hello to Marie Blønd, our new Lab Manager. We encourage you to take a look at out video tutorials on hyphe and inform about potential PhD and thesis projects. 

November 2016 – In this newsletter we announce several events. We have two publicETHOS talks with prominent scholars, and a 2-day Datathon on Diabates in collaboration with Novo Nordisk, IBM and Deloitte. This month we also say goodbye to our intern Rasmus, who has written an article about data, power, and Foucault.

October 2016 – DigIT study group launches a series of events at the ITU. Read about Instagram algorithms and twitter data analysis, Copenhagen Culture Night 2016, see pictures from the first of 2 Dataspring events with HUMLab and The Royal Danish Library, and say hello to the new junior researchers.

September 2016 – Read about the Python Study Group, the second article in Jan Redzisz series of three, results from our collaboration with Analyse & Tal and DSF, and an introduction of our two newest members of staff.

June 2016 – “Jubliant June”. Thesis students are handing in and are enjoying themselves in the great weather Denmark is currently experiencing. In this newsletter you can read about the upcoming publicETHOS about GIS technology, about the datasprint series the lab will be hosting in the fall of 2016 with the Royal Library and HUMlab and about the new research intern, Jan Redzisz, who will be guesting the lab for a while.

May 2016 – Exams are upon the ITU and it is palpable. Read about the concluded poster session with Bowker and Brown and see the students’ posters, about our most recent series of datasprints with partner Analyse & Tal and the blogpost by junior researcher Alexander Leise-Hansen on his thesis and why you are not a pirate…

April 2016 – Read about the grant ‘Data as Relation’ which ETHOS Lab is involved in, an academic poster session with Geoffrey Bowker and Steven Brown, a report on students’ opinion on university-industry collaboration and the Ignite event with Hexagon Geospatial.

March 2016 – Introducing our new Junior Researchers, our latest industry partner, Analyse & Tal, and reintroducing our popular participant-driven Python Programming Study Group.

February 2016 – Read about the publicETHOS event with DAMVAD Analytics, PhD course with Geoffrey Bowker, open positions in ETHOS Lab and the coming semester in the lab.

December 2015 – Read about Geoffrey Bowker’s visit to the ITU this coming semester, the ETHOS research project concerning ‘data sprinting’ and the open project database hosted by ETHOS Lab.

November 2015 – Read about the upcoming publicETHOS event about researching Facebook data with Python, available student projects, datasprint with the company Mindshare and more.

October 2015 – Read about ETHOS Lab’s presence at the ITU Culture Night, more on the Python study group and the new female coding initiative.

September 2015 – School’s back in session here at ITU, and in this month’s newsletter you will learn more about our recent collaboration with ITU Innovators, the emerging field of Computational Thinking, and how to become a part of our Python Programming study group.

June 2015 – Read about ETHOS on Twitter, Hitachi Consulting’s SmartCopenhagen Big Data Marketplace, publicETHOS #2 on the value of a University degree, digital methods tutorials on YouTube and more.

May 2015 – Read about Big Data specialization at ITU, our collaboration with GATEWAY and an article by Michael, our lab manager, on the value of methods.

April 2015 – Read about the launch of ETHOS Lab and publicETHOS#1 with Fabio Giglietto.