Mission Statement

“ETHOS Lab is an experiment in infrastructuring generative knowledge creation with data.”

More on ETHOS Lab

ETHOS Lab is a place of collaboration, and thus does not have a single unified purpose other than to explore and experiment. Our research group is purposefully eclectic, and is unified by shared interests in data, methods and relations more than anything else. For this reason the lab is also host to a number of different research interests, and we are always open to new suggestions.

ETHOS Lab is a community, that seeks to foster ways of relating between students and researchers that ignore traditional boundaries. The lab sprung from student ideas, is heavily involved in teaching activities and has student issues close at heart. We believe that students are experts in many ways, and work to facilitate this expertise.

ETHOS Lab is an interface, that connects the university with the surrounding society. Through the lab we build partnerships and relations, which connect research to reality and students to life after academia. We offer these services not to appease the zeitgeist, but because we believe we can learn as much from others as they can from us.

What we do:

  • We research data in its many forms.
  • We research and teach digital methods for analyzing Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, etc.
  • We facilitate and support student projects and thesis work using various digital methods.
  • We teach courses at the ITU and host public events to spread research knowledge.
  • We work together with external organizations such as companies and NGOs to create partnerships which brings research outside of the university and the outside world into the university.
  • As a social sciences/humanities laboratory we both challenge notions of the natural scientific lab and are inspired by them as places for knowledge construction.
  • We approach casework through the mode of Situated Analytics, fusing potentials of big data with the insights of thick, ethnographic data.