Junior Researchers Fall2020/Spring2021

Stud. M.A. Responsibility in Science, Engineering and Technology(RESET) at Munich Centre for Technology in Society (MCTS)

Project description

Perception of technologies within Hackathons

In all potential areas, hackathons are getting a more and more popular event format to work on societal challenges and come up with solutions. These solutions often consist of technologies like web platforms or apps that are to be created within a limited time frame.

This project aims to understand how people perceive technology as a means to solve societal challenges and to understand why technology is chosen over other possible measures.

The hackathon ‚Äú#wirvsvirus‚ÄĚ that was conducted by the German federal government to fight the COVID-19 pandemic will be used as empirical subject. Therefore, several interviews with participants will be conducted to make sense of the data that was collected along the hackathon like descriptions of challenges and project descriptions. A special focus will be set on the ‚Äúsolution enabler‚ÄĚ program, that was launched by the federal government after the event itself to support evolved projects on their way to become sustainable products and solutions.