Junior Researcher projects Spring 2017

In the spring semester 2017 we had 7 talented students as Junior Researchers in ETHOS Lab. This page presents the outcome of their research which they have worked on throughout the semester. We find their research highly interesting and we hope you will too. Follow the links below to read their blog posts.


Viktor Hargitai

 Decision Making in Dataset Anonymization
Project: "Anonymizing datasets to protect data subjects and preserve analytical value". Viktor is writing is bachelor in GBI studies, and doing his JR project as part of it. He is investigating the complexities of how and why particular data is anonymized and made available for analysing. He is also asking what is regarded as anonymous data, and examining various cultural, ethical, financial, and technical factors.

Dana Marie Yu

Blogpost: Your face is average. According to that guy
Project: "Categories in personal data analysis and training of algorithms" Dana is working on a project on the SDT design track as a 2nd semester student. She's interested in training of algorithms. Can algorithms be less biased? In her JR Project she is investigating existing categories pervading personal data analysis collected by giant tech companies like Google and Facebook through software. How do these categories directly or indirectly impact the training of the algorithms in machine learning?

Silja Vase & Alona Vibe

sive@itu.dk & alon@itu.dk
Can Speech Recognition Contribute to Danish Municipalities?
Project: "Local speech recognition as work practice". Silja and Alona are 3rd semester DIM student who investigate the use of speech recognition technology (SRT) in Denmark. Their work is ethnographic with focus on implementation. How do municipalities use the technology, and how is the implementation considered either a success or a failure? How is speech even considered or understood as data?

Stefania Santagati

The dead parrot and the hole in the paper sky
Project: "The role of trust in AI-human interaction" Stefania is a 3rd semester DIM student working on a project involving ethnographic experimentation with an AI artefact. The goal is to explore how humans interact with AI and make ethical choices based on particular scenarios. The subject is trust, and the question of how we can trust AI, and how that trust is defined.

Per Nagbøl

Per has produced a guide for using a Facebook tool which is available by the users of the ETHOS Lab
Project: "Tool development for digital methods". Per is a 3rd semester DIM student, who's a junior researcher for the 2nd semester in a row. Per is looking to develop more user-friendly tools for digital methods exploration. Per focuses on Fake news production and how digital methods tools can be used in mapping the phenomenon.

Anette Petersen

Google wants to be your conversational partner… but can it live up to its promise?
Project: During her 3rd semester on DIM, Anette worked on a user-centered ethnographic experiment with the Google Home Assistant. The project focuses on the conversational alignment in human-computer interaction by studying how two-way interactions between people and the Google Home are taking shape in practice.