ETHOS Summer Lab

ETHOS Lab is happy to announce that the very first ETHOS Summer Lab will take place this year, from the 11th to the 15th of July at the ITU.

The ETHOS Summer Lab is an opportunity to geek out for five days with a project of your own choosing related to technology, software, data and experimentation together with other enthusiasts. Too often we experience in our everyday lives that there is not enough time to explore and play around with new (or old!) technology between mandatory hand-ins, classes, work, reading, meetings etc. The summer lab is meant to provide an opportunity to do just that, by supplying five days of undisturbed but well-supported time and space where you can focus on the project that you have been itching to work on.

The theme of the summer lab is experimentation. To experiment comes from the latin experiri, meaning to try. Whilst experiments in modern science are nominally all about double blinds, hypothesis testing and controllable environments, the origin of the word refers to that simple procedure of trying something out. Either trying some for the first time, trying something difficult or just trying something for the heck of it. ETHOS Lab is not a sterile laboratory for exact science, and this summer lab will not be either. We encourage you to join and try out an experiment together with us – who knows, perhaps we will all learn something new.

The summer lab is free to participate in, but is limited to 15 participants to ensure a productive environment. Place are allotted by the first come, first served principle.  There are no ECTS associated with participating in the Summer Lab. See how to register at the bottom of this page.

Schedule & Projects

The ETHOS Summer Lab will take place every day form the 11th to the 15th of July, from 09:00 to 17:00. Every evening there will also be an optional social activity with a relation to technology and/or the hopefully nice weather.

All projects at the summer lab will be supplied by the participants. When you sign up, there is an opportunity to suggest a project you would like to work on. If you do not have any projects that you would like to suggest, you can join one that someone else has suggested instead, as all the projects will be presented at the beginning of the summer lab. In addition to the projects, one day of the week will be taken out for ‘workshops’ where you can try a crash course in a technical skill or join a mini-project.

About ETHOS Lab

ETHOS Lab is an experimental space that works with data, visualizations and the intersection between digital and social science/humanistic methods. Founded in the spring of 2015, ETHOS is a young lab which has nonetheless hosted many activities and is home to a burgeoning community of techno-humanists, enthusiasts, scholars and researchers. ETHOS Lab is also the site of the “Data as Relation: Governance in the age of big data” research project, which was recently funded by VELUX FONDEN.

Catering & Merchandise

The summer school will have paid lunches and abundant supplies of tea and coffee. In addition to this, every participant of the Summer Lab will be gifted with a free ETHOS Lab t-shirt.


You can sign up for the summer lab hereDeadline for registering is the 10th of June.