Experimental Techno-Humanities and Organizational Services lab (ETHOS) at the IT University of Copenhagen is an experimental space that creates value with IT by exploring data and data landscapes in contemporary society.

We are located on the third floor in room 3A30.

By combining digital and anthropological methods, critical making and speculative design we experiments with Situated Analytics in advancing methods for research, teaching and service design.

Part of this experimentation is to forge links between research, teaching and services through casework. Empirically, we work in different domains, being attentive to the dynamic relations between data and their infrastructures, knowledge and their practices, visions and their materiality.

As an experimental collective, we do not take the lab concept for granted: We experiment both with the format of a methods lab and with the relations between the different methods we employ. Using a mode of Situated Analytics we are asking how digital methods, anthropological methods and speculative design may figure in the same experiment? How are the relationships between these methods reconfigured as we work through specific cases? How can such reconfiguration bring into view that IT innovation never ‘just’ progresses in a linear movement – and turn this into a value? How might experience with and expertise in anthropological and digital methods create knowledge workers for Denmark that can intervene in current ways of doing data analytics?

Answering such questions will translate and elaborate on the ITU’s mission of creating value for society with IT, by ensuring that the way we do knowledge in a situation where data is ubiquitous is scrutinized and developed.  ​