January 2022

Let’s Get Enchanted

We hope that all of you got the rest you needed in the dark December days and have a beginning of 2022 which fits your vision. 

In ETHOS, we will have a year with a lot of changes and glance ahead with a sense of cultivated optimism. In December, Marisa Cohn did a tarot reading session for the Lab to bring in some magic intention setting for the new year. The reading sharped our focus towards nurturing our own community and what we need to direct energy to: building solidarity within academia, seeing our own power, addressing overwork, how to center life, and make sense of the Lab’s activities in a fundamental way.

To this end, we already begun this year’s theme in December, as we in 2022 will be working on “Embodied (re)enchantment”. We are ready to feel more energetic, touched, moved, surprised, excited, in touch with different political and academic streams, and thinking around Embodied (re)enchantment we will bring us to center our bodies, what is alive and what feels urgent. 

We play around with the new machines in the Lab: a 3D Printer and an embroidery machine, to think about and create materializations of data in creative ways. Not at least to learn how to work with them. If you have fun ideas about how to do a workshop with data materialization or could see yourself do a project involving these machines, reach out! 

The new year is also offering changes in staff. There will be a circulation amongst the Heads of Lab, where Jessamy Perriam will step in and steer the lab along with Marisa Cohn in Spring and with Rachel Douglas-Jones in Fall. This circulation provides the Heads of Lab with some rest from management considerations and give them space to attend to other matters and bring in new energy and new ways of meeting administrative troubles and give the lab direction. 

Our Lab Manager Merethe Riggelsen Gjørding has gotten the opportunity to do a PhDat AU on convicted women’s experiences of crime and social policies and their wishes for alternative approaches and will therefore be leaving ETHOS managing by the end of January, to return on events and workshops with us.

On Thursday, January 20th 11.00-12.00, we will actually host an event on how to apply for Open PhD calls, going into the matter of critical reading and how to spot what the call wants you to be clear on.

We hope you will join us this year and get enchanted!


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Co-heads of Lab: Marisa Cohn & Rachel Douglas-Jones
Lab Manager: Merethe Riggelsen Gjørding


2022 Theme: Embodied (re)enchantment

 With embodied (re)enchantment, we will work with connecting data to concrete embodied experiences, speculative fabulations, the presence of what is difficult to describe, unfold numbers and be fascinated by the messiness and complexity they cover, play with materiality, awe nature and all the things there are yet to know, cast spells, and hopefully get closer to each other – one way or another.

In 2022, we want to nurture our own community and attend to the magic of being a feminist Lab and to the possibilities and powers of gathering, sharing, learning, and working together.


Tarot and Intentions

As some lab members find care, tough love, and guidance in the practise of tarot reading, we thought it could be a fun experiment to try out a tarot session a Lab community. We wanted to use the icons, stories and guiding words as inspirations and ways of relating to our desires and thoughts about leaving 2021 behind and entering 2022.

In the blogpost, Marisa is sharing some of her thoughts from the tarot reading for the lab. Read along if you also feel curios about how we related the reading and what will take up space in ETHOS in 2022. 


Python Study Group is Soon Returning

This semester, we are happy to announce that we will have 10 instead of 8 PSG sessions. You therefore have longer time to get familiar with coding, deepening your skills, and get to know the others in the coding community. We will also try out having some short talks on error messaging and other twists you will encounter while coding. A lot of great stuff.

The group will once again be run by Lab TA Edith Terte and more info on how to sign up will be announced on our website. 


PhD & Job Calls

PhD position in the field of Science and Technology Studies at the University of Padova. The PhD will carry out research on the relationship between emerging technologies and everyday life, using media discourses as a source of data, working at the Pa.S.T.I.S - Padova Science Technology and Innovation Studies. Deadline: March 1


ETHOS Lab Open Hours 

Opening hours are on break following the academic year. When the semester start, we will yet again have open hours in the lab.

The Lab has regular opening hours throughout the semester on Tuesdays and Thursdays from 10 to 14, allowing for a lunch break around noon.

The opening hours are co-working time for the Lab staff, as well as an opportunity for impromptu meetings and informal encounters for the community of faculty and students. This is an opening for bouncing off ideas, getting feedback, and work in the Lab.
Everyone is welcome, just pop by!