Oct/Nov 2019

Welcome Junior Researchers  

Thank you so much to all the students took the time to apply to become Junior Researchers in the lab! We are just starting up this year's season and the chosen students are gathering to talk about the exciting projects-in-the-making. Among the Junior Researchers is Viktoriya Feshak, an MSc student from Munich Center of Technology in Society (MCTS) visiting us for her 3 month internship. Their first task will be preparing for the first 'Pitch & Play' session where the students pitch their idea/project and the interdisciplinary crowd of faculty gives feedback. Soon the names and faces will be up on our website with a short description of their projects.

Since the previous newsletter, The GDPR Erasure Poetry has been on national radio P1 and was exhibited at the Techfestival following our workshop on their opening day. Python Study Group started up very successfully with over 93 registered participants and runs until Nov 12. We celebrated International Ada Lovelace Day with great talks from Samantha Breslin and Lara Reime. A fruitful data-workshop with the research project Diginauts took place in the lab and we have launched a partnership with Laboratory for Aesthetics and Ecology. 

The partnership with Laboratory for Aesthetics and Ecology was ignited with the collaboration around a curation on an upcoming Biennale next year. Co-head of Lab Rachel Douglas Jones and post-doc Katrine Meldgaard Kjær facilitated the first workshop on 'Care & Technology' with interdisciplinary and international participants. Two other workshops will be taking place before the final Biennale Exhibition and the next one is scheduled for December. ETHOS Lab and ITU staff, particularly designers, are invited to participate and if interested, please contact Katrine or Rachel.

Next visitor is researcher Sarah Blacker from MCTS giving talks in both the STS Salon and prompting a conversation in ETHOS Lab drawing on our annual theme 'Decelerate'. An internal writing workshop is also taking place on November 6 with the theme 'Monsters x Collage' for the lab affiliated researchers. Under 'other news' you will also be updated on events, nice-to-knows, jobs, conferences and calls.   

Have a lovely Autumn break! 

Co-head of Labs: Marisa Cohn & Rachel Douglas-Jones
Post doc: Katrine Meldgaard Kjær
Lab Manager: Marie Blønd


Visit from Researcher Sarah Blacker 

Building on the ETHOS Lab theme for 2019 “Decelerate”, we have managed to re-schedule the visit of Post doctoral researcher Sarah Blacker, whose recent work focuses on Traditional Knowledge and First Nations’ approaches to data production on environmental contamination from the oil industry in Alberta, Canada. Blacker’s work explores a collaboration between Indigenous and non-Indigenous toxicologists, focusing on the intentional deceleration that took place in this collaboration in order to allow incompatible forms of data and knowledge to speak to one another. We look forward to hosting a session with great collaborative conversations with Sarah in the lab. Slight changes to the abstract may occur so please keep up to date on the announcement here

When: Thursday 14 November @10:30 -12:00

Where: ETHOS Lab, ITU (3A30)


GDPR Erasure Poetry: Exhibition & National Radio

The GDPR Erasure Poetry workshop at Techfestival spurred a lot of interest and fruitful discussions on what GDPR constitutes for citizens in their everyday worlds and how to involve the public in authoritative legal text through the method of erasure poetry.  

Danish National Radio, P1 Culture, featured an interview with Rachel Douglas-Jones concept of GDPR erasure poetry, presented by Marie Blønd, while one of the radio-hosts tried out the method and presented his poem. Louise Mønster, lecturer from Institute for Culture and Learning at Ålborg University, was also invited to talk about the literary form of erasure poetry and pointed to its cultural manifestations and associations with protest.  

Through the entire Techfestival, an exhibition displaying erasure poetry made in the workshop, encouraged techfest participants to try it out on the spot.

Thanks to Katja De Vries who joined co-heads of lab Rachel Douglas-Jones and Marisa Cohn in facilitating the workshop and to all the creative participants!

Read more on the GDPR adventure


International Ada Lovelace Day 

On Tuesday, the 8th October, over 160 indie events worldwide were celebrating the first female computer-programmer Ada Lovelace on The International Ada Lovelace Day.
In the lab, we had our own gathering of people for the celebration of women in STEM and some great speakers prompting timely and relevant questions.

Anthropologist graduate Lara Reime presented findings from her master thesis 'Is it because of me or because I am a Woman? Exploring disjunctive Practices of Gender within Egalitarian Systems' and raised the issue of female leadership being subjected to gender norms although not identifying with them. 

From Copenhagen University, Assistant Professor Samantha Breslin took us through a brief and intriguing encounter with 'Nuances of gender in computer interaction' and we strongly recommend reading her papers on gender perspectives in HCI - read more here.

To all the female STEM scientists out there - we applaud you! 

Check out #AdaLovelaceDay19 on Twitter


Diginauts & ETHOS Lab

How do we tell stories with different kinds of data?
The Diginauts research team gathered with the Lab team for a workshop to discuss how social media data can be engaged in ethnographic research and how mixed method data is explored in iterative analytical conversations across the methodological boundaries. 

Researching the digital practices of migrants as they move across Europe, the ethnographic data derived from interviewing people on the move but also from publicly available social media Facebook pages. 

The exploration of the not-yet analyzed material was navigated by asking how migrants integrate multiple forms of digital resources and platforms for navigation, information sharing and making new lives. Thinking through methodological, ethical and practical challenges we discussed the dynamic and practical process of how ethnographic issues may prompt queries for the social media dataset and vice versa; how the dataset may prompt further questions for the ethnographic field. In which interface this exploration takes place remains one of the puzzling issues of social science practices, that would have to be explored and discussed further. We invite everyone to contribute to this exploration and to join the conference or hackathon: 

24-25 Oct: Conference on Border, Dissidence, digital resistance and the production of irregularized migrants. 

23-25 Oct: Hackathon: Diginauts x Techfugees


Other News & Info

MSc Digital Innovation & Management @ITU
ETHOS Lab affiliate and Assistant professor Baki Cakici have officially become the new head of the Digital Innovation and Management study programme. Congratulations!

Ecological Community: RethinkIT
A Green Student Movement is growing at ITU and if you want to take part in it, start by joining Rethinkit.nu for breakfast every Thursday from 9-10

Talk on Facebook, the Media and Democracy
A talk by Leighton Andrews, professor of practice in Public Service Leadership and Innovation in Cardiff Business School, specialized in digital platforms and Data. Join in on October 31, 10-11, Auditorium 3/ITU

Fall/Winter Schools

25-30 Nov 2019
The first Datapoietic International Fall School will be taking place in Ivrea (Turin, Italy). The aim is collectively building the first start-up entirely dedicated to the phenomenon of Datapoiesis, its business model, communication strategy and the first datapoietic design line. 

13-17 Jan 2020
Digital Methods Winter School and Data Sprint on 'Post-API research? On the remnants of social media data.'. Join The Digital Methods Initiative (DMI) in Amsterdam and send application before 19 Nov 2019

Conferences/Call for abstracts

19-20 March 2020
Data as Relation final conference: Data Times: Immediacies, Lifecycles, Forgettings
Call for abstract: DEADLINE 30 OCTOBER

4-7 Juni 2020
Conference on Anthropology and Geography: Dialogues Past, Present and Future

PhD/Job Calls

Scientific Project Manager in the Center for Digital Welfare in Business IT at the IT University of Copenhagen

PhD in Digital Transformations in the Global South 


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