May 2018

May you be (GDPR) compliant...

In May, ETHOS Lab is looking to do many events and experimentations keeping with the ETHOS... well, ethos. Landmark legislation will come into effect on May 25, as the General Data Protection Regulation rolls out, and we will mark the occasion with a GDPR launch party on the eve before, May 24. Many of our peers will be attending the DASTS STS conference on these days, and ETHOS Lab will be present in different exciting ways.

This month is also an intense period for our dedicated Junior Researchers, who are putting the finishing touches on their Master Thesis projects. Many of them will leave ITU and the daily life of ETHOS Lab for other adventures, so we have opened up for applications to become Junior Researchers in the lab. We will also soon have to say goodbye to our dear Lab Assistant Cæcilie, which means the paid position of ETHOS Lab assistant will soon be announced through official channels. Stay tuned!

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Open position: Junior Researchers 

The Lab is looking for new Junior Researchers to join our community and research group. Junior Researchers conduct projects, ordinarily tied to an ECTS-rewarded course at ITU. Through ETHOS, Junior Researchers get the opportunity to receive community, facilities for and feedback on their projects from faculty, other students, and alumni affiliated with the Lab. Projects can commence in the Fall 2018, but we are open for applications already! You can read more about becoming a Junior Researcher and stay updated on open positions in the Lab here.

In addition, we are always looking for volunteers and community members. Read more about the different ways of getting involved with ETHOS here.


Great Deletion Poetry Rave

Or: The ETHOS Lab GDPR Launch Party. On the eve that the GDPR becomes regulatory fact across Europe, we will be transforming the ETHOS Lab into a party space. As researchers in the ETHOS Lab, we are interested in data in all its forms, but especially in the technologies through which people relate to it. We will black out our windows, play data soundscapes, hang GDPR wallpaper, drink beer and make deletion poetry! This will be an evening of arts engagement and techno-humanities experimentation at a key moment in regulation transformation.

All are welcome, and your ticket to entry will be something to delete.

When: Thursday 24 May 17:00-19:00
Where: ETHOS Lab, ITU (room 3A30)

Read more and stay updated here.


Open position:

ETHOS Lab Assistant

Since our amazing Lab Assistant Cæcilie will be graduating this year, we will shortly be posting a call for a new Lab Assistant. The paid position will be available from August 2018- June 2019, and further details will be attached to the official job call, posted through the usual channels during May. We encourage all potential applicants to think about how you might contribute to the Lab over the next year, and look forward to receiving lots of applications from ITU and beyond!


Danish STS Conference 2018

DASTS, the Danish Association for Science and Technology Studies, will be hosting their biannual conference at ITU on May 24 and 25. ETHOS Lab will be contributing with an installation that invites participants to reflect on, and maybe even meditate, the upcoming General Data Protection Regulation. Read more about DASTS and the STS conference here.

When: Thursday-Friday 24-25 May
Where: IT University of Copenhagen



Keeping Computation Open for Interpretation

Following Stuart Geiger's visit in late March, a blog post made it onto the ETHOS Lab blog Metadata. Geiger joined forces with PhD Fellows in the Technologies in Practice research group at ITU Bastian Jørgensen and Michael Hockenhull, and Research Assistant Mace Ojala to compose reflections on computational ethnography and the ethnography of computation.

You can read the blog post here.



Research Sharing Day

As May comes to an end, ETHOS Lab will be helping the Technologies in Practice research group at ITU share their research at ITU Research Sharing Day. We are looking forward to hopefully showcase some of the methods and experimentations the ETHOS Lab provides a space for in doing research about data practices and our relations to the digital technologies that transform lives.


Other News

• Did you know that you can check out availability and activities in the lab by requesting to see in your outlook calendar view? Otherwise, we also try to create an overview here.

• PhD | University of Bristol has announced PhD studentships focusing on the acceptability of smart-home technologies for health in diverse households. Read more here.

• PhD | A call for application has been announced by The Graduate School of the Interdisciplinary Leibniz Center Science and Society (LCSS) at the Leibniz Universität Hannover. Apply by June 4 if you are interested in research questions related to Science Studies or Higher Education Research. Read more here.

• PhD | Deadline approaching for these two Two PhD Positions in the ERC Project “Misfires and Market Innovation: Toward a Collaborative Turn in Organising Markets,” at the University College Dublin, in Ireland. Read more here.

•  Academic sparring | If you are interested in joining the TiP-Salon for academic readings and diuscussions, the meet-up is every Wednesday in 3A08 @ 12-13:00. Please contact Baki Cakici to be added to the mailing-list for details or to suggest content.

• Videos from former publicETHOS events 

• Opening hours are Tuesday and Thursday at 12.30-16:00 in 3A30