June 2017

Join Datasprint, BBQ and Pink! 


YOU are invited to the yearly ETHOS Lab Summer Barbecue on Tuesday the 20th June for fun and games. If you bring your preferred food and drinks, then we will make sure there is a hot barbecue and ice for a (hopefully) warm summer night. Give us a hint here about your plans of joining so we can fire up as many barbecues as it takes.

Professor Sarah Pink from the Digital Ethnography Research Centre at RMIT University, Australia will be in Malmø giving a talk on Data Anxieties and has invited us to join in on the 20th June from 10-12. We will be going across the waters and hurrying back to have the yearly summer barbecue same day. Anyone interested, please join!

A datasprint is coming up on June 19 from 9-14 as part of Per Nagbøl's ETHOS Lab project. The sprinting will entail testing the limits and potentials of a new facebook scraper that Assistant Professor Pedro Ferreira has developed in preparation for the course Navigating Complexity, Mapping & Visualisation. It will involve scraping, visualising and making ethnographic inquiries into particular themes and how to study them on this specific social media platform. There are no pre-requisites for attending other than bringing your own computer and registering beforehand.        

Relevant to all of us, this month's blog is asking who are we - the digitial citizen? This is a blogified version of PhD Jannick Schou and Associate Professor Morten Hjelholt's research articles published recently in Critical Policy Studies and Journal for Global Sustainable Information Society. Jannick and Morten are both part of the Data as Relation Research Project and the article critically reflects on the configuration, framing and portraying of digital citizenship in governance. Enjoy!   

Prominent visits from Professor Helen Verran and Strategist Melissa Gregg from Intel Corporation are still echoing in the lab. Playful Pitch sessions were available for faculty and students giving them an opportunity to receive feedback from Professor Verran. In her talk 'Post-truth???', Verran challenged ETHOS Lab on the concept of datasprint as epistemic and robust practice. If you missed the talk, do watch the available video.

Melissa Gregg's talk The Productivity Imperative was inspiring as a philosophical underpinning and provocation of productivity, temporality and its delegation to management technologies as well as consequences thereof. We were very pleased that the talk attracted a diverse audience, including ITU management. The talk was recorded and we are looking forward to news on the publication of Gregg's upcoming book 'Counterproductive: A Brief History of Time Management'. Co-head of Lab Marisa Cohn and Gregg's seminar on 'ethnographic interpretation in the age of big data and telemetry' spurred interesting questions and reflections on methodologies and strategies as to how social science may contribute to discussions in a world enamored by and fearful of automation.

ETHOS Lab was very well represented at this years 3rd Nordic Science and Technology Conference stirring interesting discussions on experimental methods and the lab as an entity in an organisational setting. Digital traces on Twitter are available at #NordicSTS and the extensive tweeting even resulted in #NordicSTS being listed as top trending Danish hashtags on June 2!!

If we do not see you at the datasprint or the summer barbecue then we wish you a happy summer! We are looking forward to preparing the next semester, a new round of the course Navigating Complexity and hopefully welcoming many more inspiring junior researchers.    

Summer Greetings from,




Teaching: DataSprint

We are running a Datasprint on a specific Facebook scraping tool developed by Assistant Professor Pedro Ferreira as part of Junior Researcher Per Nagbøl's ETHOS lab project. We will be exploring the potentials and limits of the tool while ethnographically reflecting on particular themes. 

Time: Monday, June 19, 9-14
Place: ITU
Everyone is welcome but please register beforehand and bring your own laptop.


Research: Digital Citizen?

Jannick Schou and Morten Hjelholt, part of the Data As Relation research project, have recently published articles in Critical Policy Studies and Journal for Global Sustainable Information Society. We offer the blogified version critically reflecting on the configuration, framing and portraying of digital citizenship in governance. Enjoy!   


Services: Nordic STS Conference

Lab Manager Marie Blønd and Lab Assistant Cæcilie Laursen represented ETHOS Lab at this years STS Conference in Göteborg along with PhDs Bastian Jørgensen, John Mark Burnett and Postdoc James Maguire. Interesting discussions were spurred on experimental methods and the lab as an entity in an organisational setting. Digital traces on Twitter are available for #NordicSTS - we contributed to putting it on the toplist of trending Danish hashtags in competition with #distortion!!

Cæcilie Laursen - What is a data sprint?

PhD Potential

Are you considering taking the PhD path or just curious about how to apply? We would love to know if you are interested in attending a workshop over the summer focusing on application for the (interdisciplinary) social sciences PhD calls. It will be case-specific using a call from Uncertain Archives.

Another PhD workshop could be focusing on the opportunities of an industrial PhD using the specific call from the Innovation Agency on Smart Cities.

Let us know by emailing Lab Manager Marie Blønd on mblo@itu.dk  



Summer BBQ

Join in the Summer Barbecue for ETHOS students, faculty and community. Everyone is welcome - we just ask you to bring your preferred food and drinks and we will heat up the barbecue and hope for a warm summer day.

Time: Tuesday 20 June from 16:30
Place: Public grills in front of Tietgen, close to ITU & Ismejeriet

Give us a click on the Facebook event to let us know if you are coming.



Other News

• An article by Johan Farkas and Jannick Schou explaining how they collected data from Facebook to uncover the sources of fake Islamist propaganda.

• If you are not following us on Twitter @ethositu, then make sure you do it this summer where we have participant correspondents at Digital Summer Schools in Amsterdam and Paris.

• Digital Methods Summer School 2017 ‘Digital Methods for Visual Research’ in Amsterdam is taking place from 26 June – 7 July 2017 . https://wiki.digitalmethods.net/Dmi/SummerSchool2017

• SODAS inaugural Lecture Series is on June 23, inviting everyone to a talk by Professor Søren Brunak on Data Futures.

• Our opening hours are Tuesday and Thursday at 12.30-16 but is limited in the month of July - please check beforehand or send us an email at ethos@itu.dk and we will respond asap.