November 2018

November: A retrospective

We kicked off November with a well-attended PhD Info Day; as many as 30 people participated, meaning we had to vacate our precious lab space, and have the session in a seminar room. You win some, you lose some! We also put the finishing touches on the report about Nordic engineers' stance on Artificial Intelligence and Ethics. Lab staff Simy Kaur Gahoonia and Bertil Ipsen went into full data work mode, designing exercises for the Masterclass with Prof. Brit Ross Winthereik. In the TiP Talk series, The Technologies in Practice research group was visited by Dr. Jennifer Gabrys, who gave a talk entitled 'How to do things with sensors'.

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Masterclass: Find din vej i datajunglen

ETHOS Lab collaborated with the Alexandra Institute in designing the exercise portion of a masterclass with Prof. Brit Ross Winthereik that Danish SMEs wanting to work with quantitative digital data attended in big number. Lab Manager Simy Kaur Gahoonia introduced the tricky labour of doing data work, and Lab Assistant Bertil Ipsen produced a series of visualizations for masterclass participants to get familiar with analysis of network visualizations and machine learning decision trees. Read more about the masterclass and data analysis exercises here.


Services: Nordic engineers' stance on AI and Ethics, the report

Post-workshop, writing commenced! Baki Cakici, Stefania Santagati, Sophia Knopf, Irina Shklovski, and Simy Kaur Gahoonia consolidated recommendations, guidelines, concerns and issues that ETHOS Lab had invited engineers to articulate in collaboration with ANE, the Association of Nordic Engineers, and IDA. Read the report here.


Celebrating Ada Lovelace Day, by Sophia Knopf

Visiting Junior Researcher Sophia Knopf shares her reflections on Ada Lovelace Day and the celebration of the day we had in ETHOS Lab on October 9th. There was cake, comics, and so, so many people in attendance; the lab was at capacity! Read Sophia's blogpost here.


The Data Object

Data objects everywhere! The first data object made its way to Lucy Suchman at the hands of Prof. Brit Ross Winthereik. Dr. Jennifer Gabrys received her data object in ETHOS Lab during her TiP Talks visit on November 22. The Data Object project, partly hosted in ETHOS Lab, makes 3D printed presents for visitors of the Technologies in Practice research group at IT University of Copenhagen.


Other News

•  Academic sparring | If you are interested in joining the TiP-Salon for academic readings and diuscussions, the meet-up is every Wednesday in 3A08 @ 12-13:00. Please contact Baki Cakici ( to be added to the mailing-list for details or to suggest content.

•  Job call | Two Postdoctoral Research Associate positions at the new FinWork Futures Research Centre of King’s Business School. The call closes on 16 December 2018.

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