May 2017

Intensifying May!

The semester is intensifying and ITU is bustling with activity as exams are closing in.
In the lab, we have had the privilege of hosting midterm workshops with the Junior Researchers. These sessions are dedicated to the junior researchers getting involvement and feedback from the PhD and research faculty resulting in fruitful discussions and idea generation. We look forward to the final project presentations and to see the results of the Junior Researchers' hard work during this semester.

This month is packed with prominent speakers for our publicETHOS series. Pernille Tranberg gave a talk on 'Data ethics as the new competitive advantage' last Friday, open to the public but also part of the new Master's course 'IT Management & Leadership'. If you missed it, then a recording is available

On May 22nd we are very proud to present Professor and STS scholar Helen Verran giving an interesting and timely public talk entitled 'Post-truth???'. ETHOS lab will also be facilitating sign-ups for 'playful pitch' sessions one-on-one with Helen Verran giving students and faculty the possibility of getting feedback on your projects or ideas.

The day after, May 23rd, we are very excited to announce that Principal Engineer in Business Client Strategy at Intel Corporation Melissa Gregg is joining us. Her books include Work’s Intimacy (Polity 2011), The Affect Theory Reader (Duke 2010) and Cultural Studies’ Affective Voices (2006). Her talk will be on 'The productivity imperative: Time management after the organization' and we are inviting you all to join. A seminar will also be held the day after and if you are interested in joining, please contact 

This month's reading is a blogpost by former Lab Manager and now PhD student Michael Hockenhull who has reflected on PhD positions within STS. He is encouraging you to engage in this reflection - Enjoy! We are also excited about ETHOS Lab participating and hosting a stand on the 3rd Nordic Science & Technology Studies Conference in Götenborg, Sweden. 

Mace Ojala will be found sporadically in the lab from May-July where he will be the missing link to The Uncertain Archives working on the project 'Mapping A Colony'. Rasmus Rosendahl, who has been in the lab both as an intern and in wage subsidy (løntilskud), had his last day April 28th. Rasmus has been in charge of our communications and he has been a huge part of the ETHOS Lab Community. We are grateful for all his contributions and wish him all the best in future endeavors. 

We wish you good luck with your exams, and if you have a question concerning data, ethnography, digital methods, STS or other areas we occupy ourselves with in the lab then feel free to stop by. We have opening hours Tuesday to Thursday from 12.30-16:00. We will do our best to help! You are also welcome to drop us an email at

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Teaching: publicETHOS #19 - Helen Verran

Professor Helen Verran from Charles Darwin University, Australia will give a public talk titled 'Post-truth???'.
She writes "I am taking the Oxford Dictionaries’ 2016 ‘Word of the Year’ as occasion to publically perform STS. The three question marks point to three general theories, or stories, of truth that might be considered if we are to take seriously the claim made by the phrase ‘post-truth politics.’ Digital technologies are profoundly implicated in ‘doing’ these three contesting stories of truth, not only in the material technologies that allow varying types of facts to come to life, but also in the social and literary technologies through which facts move".

Time: May 22nd, 13:00-14:00
Place: Aud. 4, ITU
Everyone is welcome


Teaching: publicETHOS #20 - Melissa Gregg

Melissa Gregg, Principal Engineer in Business Client Strategy at Intel Corporation and currently Visiting Fellow at the Pufendofr Institute, Lund University is giving a talk on 'The productivity imperative Time management after the organization'. 

The talk explores the emergence of productivity as a way of thinking about workplace performance at the turn of the last century and its ongoing consequences for the administration of labor in corporations today.

The talk is based on a forthcoming book Counterproductive: A Brief History of Time Management. Other books by Melissa Gregg include Work’s Intimacy (Polity 2011), The Affect Theory Reader (Duke 2010) and Cultural Studies’ Affective Voices (2006). 

Time: May 23rd, 13:00-14:00
Place: Aud. 3, ITU
Everyone is welcome

We will also be having a seminar on Ethnographic Interpretation in the Age of Big Data on May 24. Please contact Marie on if you are interested.


Research: PhDs and STS

Michael Hockenhull, former lab manager, is currently writing his PhD as a part of the Data as relation project at ITU. He has written a reflective blogpost on the role of the PhD fellow and more specifically the PhDs within STS. It is called 'Why do we need PhDs in Science and Technology Studies' and you can follow the link to read it at our ETHOS blog 'Metadata'

Cæcilie Laursen - What is a data sprint?

Services: Tableau licenses for students

In April we had two workshops in collaboration with our partner Inviso on Tableau. Tableau is a powerful tool for data visualisation and analysis and it is easy to use because of its drag&drop functions. As a student you can get a 1-year license to tableau and you can get it renewed every year while you are still studying. Apply for a license at the Tableau for Students Program


Welcome to Mace!

This is Mace and his personality matches this wonderful picture he sent us! We are fortunate to have Mace Ojala take part in the ETHOS Lab sporadically for the next 3 months. He has been hired as the "missing link" to The Uncertain Archives at Copenhagen University working on the project 'Mapping A Colony', formerly 'known as Mapping Colonial Copenhagen'. He will be working on creating a map webinterface in collaboration with author Lene Asp to make traces visible of Denmark's colonial past and present. Read more about the project here.


In Other News

• Last semester our Junior Researcher Per Nagbøl made a project in collaboration with Academic Books. His results are now on our webpage and you can read his blogpost here

• Call for Participation for Digital Methods Summer School 2017 ‘Digital Methods for Visual Research’ in Amsterdam from 26 June – 7 July 2017 .

• Third Nordic STS Conference is taking place on May 31 - June 2 in Göteborg. Read more here

• SODAS inaugural Lecture Series is on May 19, inviting everyone to a talk by Professor Anders Søgård in Department of Computer Science at Copenhagen University.

• Our opening hours are Tuesday - Thursday at 12.30-16:00. You are welcome to send us an email at