November Movember

November is often associated with the increasing darkness and the cold, heralding the coming of the typically long nothern winter. Here at ETHOS Lab however, we hope to shed some light on your November by bringing a bunch of events.  

First off, we have two publicETHOS events to announce. The first introduces Professor at the University of Amsterdam Richard Rogers, who will give a talk about Situating Digital Methods. Second up is Mathieu Jacomy, who is one of the co-creators of some of ETHOS' favorite tools: Hyphe and Gephi. On the data sprint front, we have the second of three data sprints in the "Representing History Through Data" series. We also collaborate on a large project with NOVO, IBM and Deloitte which will result in a 2-day "datathon" event to find solutions to the diabetes pandemic. 

We also say goodbye to our intern Rasmus, who has been with us for the past 2-months. As a form of parting words, Rasmus has written an article on data, power and Foucault. Along these lines, our research intern from last semester, Jan, will publish his last article in a series of 3 about his work with robots and speculative games. The article is due within the next week, so keep a look-out for it on the website. 

Moving into November also means mid-term presentations here at ETHOS Lab. Our junior researchers have now narrowed the scopes and delivered a presentation of the projects. We must admit that we're impressed and excited to see the final outcome at the end of the month!

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Teaching: publicETHOS: Richard Rogers and Mathieu Jacomy

We are excited to announce the upcoming publicETHOS events with Richard Rogers and Mathieu Jacomy.

Richard Rogers is a Professor at the University of Amsterdam and is the Director of the Digital Methods Initiative in Amsterdam, which is one of the leading Internet Studies research groups in Europe. He will give a lecture called "Situating Digital Methods". With Digital Methods, Rogers introduces a new vision and method for Internet research and at the same time applies them to the Web's objects of study, from tiny particles (hyperlinks) to large masses (social media).

When: November 8th from 12:00-13:00. Where: Auditorium 2, ITU

Mathieu Jacomy is a Research Engineer who has been a part of Sciences Po Paris médialab since 2010, another one of Europe's leading research centers within Digital Methods. Jacomy will give a lecture on Exploratory Web Mining with Hyphe followed by a workshop

When: December 1st from 13:00-16:00. Where: TBA. 

Both lectures are free to attend and everyone is welcome!


Research: Junior Researcher Projects

We are now more than half way through the fall semester, and the projects of our nine junior researchers unfold.

The projects deal with a broad range of topics, and we look forward to see the outcome and read their articles in December. For now you can read a snippet of the different projects here.



Services: Datathon for Diabetes

The coming weekend will bring a data sprint event of slightly bigger proportions than we are used to. This Datathon is a collaboration between ETHOS Lab, Novo Nordisk, IBM and Deloitte, and will focus on the global diabetes pandemic. Diabetes has become an increasingly big problem on a world-wide scale, and it is believed that this is not going to change unless we do something drastically different. Therefore, using data scientific methods, the goal is to find solutions, clues, patterns and new knowledge from large public data sets that might lead to new possibilities for tackling diabetes. 

We are happy to be a part of this collaboration and look very much forward to see what solutions people will come up with! So far there's a lot of student who have registered, and the ITU is represented well.

The best of these insights or ideas will be awarded prizes. 

Read more about the event here


What the Foucault!?

Our intern Rasmus has written an article on the definitions of data power. Using a foucauldian perspecitve, his main point is that data sciencific knowledge production requires reflexivity and awareness of the different kinds of of knowledge that are produced. The keywords here are power/knowledge relations, data, subjectification and french food.

You can read the article here.


In Other News

• Past events in October included: DigIT, Culture Night and a social event at Science and Cocktails w. professor Albert-László Barabási who gave a talk about networks.

• Our Python Study Group is still alive for the duration of November. Feel free to join in on mondays 17:00-20:00.

• Opening hours: We do not longer have official opening hours in the lab due to a relocation of resources. You can still get help with your projects and ask for data related tips-and-tricks, but you will have to do so through Here, we will do our best to help you.