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Welcome back to the ETHOS newsletter! We have a bunch of exciting things in store for the lab this semester, so let’s begin…

This month’s newsletter includes information on the 3rd edition of the Python Study Group. Also, you can read the next installment in visiting researcher Jan Redzisz’ series of articles on robots, future users and speculative games. We are also presenting the results of the collaboration between ETHOS, Analyse & Tal and DSF, which takes form of a “Story Map” of the Copenhagen housing situation. On a practical note, ETHOS Lab welcomes two new staff members, whom you can get an introduction to below. Finally, the deadline for signing up for the “Representing History Through Data” event has been moved to the 15th of September.

ETHOS Lab is now open again, which means that we will respond to e-mail again and that you can visit the lab (ITU, 1C05) during its opening hours. You can of course also like and reach us via facebook.

We're sure this will be a month to remember!

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Teaching: Python Study Group Fall 2016

Are you interested in learning how to code, but find it difficult to set aside the time on your own? Then come join the Python study group.

The Python study group gathers a community of people interested in learning the programming language Python or want to enhance their already acquired skills. The study group is participant-driven and our main goal is to learn from each other and become better programmers together.

This semester will be the third time ETHOS Lab is facilitating the study group and we hope to see many of you there. The study group kick-off will be Monday the 12th of September from 17:00-20:00. As always, ETHOS Lab will as always provide you with coffee, tea and snacks.

You can read more on our webpage and sign up for the event here


Research: Emotionally Needy Toaster

How should we deal with the fact that we constantly project identity and emotion onto robots? How can we anticipate the future scenarios that more and more life-like robots will and already are creating? And what could classic role-playing games possibly contribute to defusing social situations with sex robots?

These are the (weird!) questions that visiting research Jan Redzisz meditates on in his latest post on ETHOS's blog, Metadata. Jan's research tries to tackle the questions of design and "future use" of various technologies using a range of different methods. So if you are interested in tackling the challenges of tomorrow's technology today, definitely give it a read. 

This is the second of three posts that Jan is creating during his stay with the lab. You can read the first article, on "robot-literacy", here


Services: Student housing project collaboration with Analyse & Tal and DSF

For the past four to five months, ETHOS Lab has been working on a project with the Copenhagen based consultancy Analyse & Tal and the National Union of Students in Denmark (DSF). The purpose has been to explore the conditions for students in search for housing in Copenhagen with digital methods. A series of datasprints have been held, where the partner organisations have used iterative and explorative methods to understand the challenges faced by the students.

The results of these datasprints are now public in the form of a "story map" which contains resources, visualisations and maps, to assist students in the search for a new home. The story map paints a stark picture of the relative lack of affordable accommodation available.

You can read about and explore the story map in English or Danish


"Representing History through Data": Sign-up Extension

The deadline for signing up to the datasprint collaboration between ETHOS Lab, The Royal Library and HUMlab, has been extended. The original deadline was September 1st, but has been extended to September 15th to allow more people to join. 

You can read more about the project and the datasprints and sign up to participate here


New blood in the lab

Rasmus and Cæcilie are the two newest additions to the staff of ETHOS Lab. Read more about them here, and don't hesitate to swing by and say hello.

Rasmus will be working full-time with the lab's communication and also assist with lab management. 

Cæcilie will be working as a lab assistant, and will focus on events, communication and community building. 


In Other News

• During July lab manager Michael Hockenhull attended the Stockholm Summer School of the Social Studies of Algorithms. Watch this space for a write up of his experiences.

• ETHOS Lab will be hosting a datasprint together with faculty and students from Metropol University College School of Nutrition and Physiology on September 14. The goal is to explore the potential for collaboration around the use of digital methods in social nutritional research. 

• ETHOS Lab is open to students and researchers once again. Opening hour details can be found on the lab's website: Feel free to stop by to have a chat about digital methods, and how they might be useful in your projects.