April 2016

Plotting Course and Setting Sail for New Horizons

This semester has been a busy one for us here at ETHOS Lab and this month we have some very exciting news to share After a rigorous application process and many long hours of work we are proud to announce that the collective research project of which ETHOS Lab is a part, Data as Relation has received funding and will be moving forward with research starting as early as January 2017. This is an excellent opportunity for not only the lab but our research affiliates as well. We look forward to beginning this process and hope to involve as many of as our interested through public events and interventions.

Our junior researchers and other lab staff have been digging into our research and having loads of fun doing it. If you don’t know us already then just keep your eyes peeled on our facebook page because each week another one of the lab’s members with be in the spotlight.

ETHOS stands for Experimental Techno-Humanities and Organizational Services so last month we explored in-depth the relationship between ITU and corporations, analyzing such collaborations in our work and interviewing students on the effects of these partnerships.

Over the course of this month, on the other hand, we explore a new theme: Maps. Cartography or the building of maps is something that has sparked all of our interests at one time or another and this April we intend to showcase just that.

Stay tuned and remember we’d love to hear from you so comment on our facebook posts or stop by the lab IRL, ITU Copenhagen 1C05. 

Affectionately Yours, 



Teaching Academic Poster Session with Dr. Geoffrey Bowker

Next month on the 3rd of May, ETHOS Lab will proudly host this academic poster session, open to all those interested. To participate submit a 300-500 word abstract along with a corresponding poster via email to ethos@itu.dk.

The deadline for submission is April 15. For more information can be found through copying and pasting the following link in your browser.  https://ethos.itu.dk/2016/03/15/poster-session/


Research: Data as Relation Receives Funding

This research project which is set to begin January 2017 and will explore how big data is generated, negotiated and used in governance, has been generously funded by Velux Fonden.

VELUX FONDEN is a non-profit foundation that supports scientific, cultural, social and environmental purposes to foster a knowledge-based, enlightened, spacious, inclusive and sustainable society.

The project will feature four PhD projects and one Post Doctoral research project and a series of public interventions, to be made manifest through ETHOS Lab.

The Lab is included in the project as a trading ground through which interventions and other public events with citizens, international scholars and practitioners can and will be hosted.

Stay tuned for more information on this front, as we will be launching a new website in conjunction with this project sometime later this year.


ServicesDiving Deeper - Corporate Collaboration

    Last month in conjunction with our theme, some of our junior researchers produced a number of videos exploring the relationship between ITU students and the corporate world. To see what we uncovered check out our blog post on the matter and take to facebook and youtube to let us know what you think.


Competition: M.app the Future – IGNITE Session at ITU

On April 7, ETHOS Lab, ITU Innovators and Norconsult will partner with global GIS supplier Hexagon Geospatial to host the IGNITE competition, a global competition that challenges participants to come up with the best B2B cloud-based application of map and geographic data.


In Other News

• Junior Researcher Bastian Jørgensen has studied the role of corporations in the publishing of research here at the ITU in an interesting Metadata blog post.

• Lab manager Michael Hockenhull created a data visualization using data from Twitter to help bachelor students at the ITU explore how surveillance is discussed online. It was made by using Gephi and the github package ANna. Interested? Check it out here.