March 2016

Springing into Action

It’s springtime once again in Copenhagen and you’ll be happy to hear the ETHOS lab is in full bloom. Research is getting underway and this month we will be hosting our sixth publicETHOS event. But perhaps most exciting is how quickly interest in the lab’s work is blossoming. Our rank and file has grown considerably thanks to our wonderfully committed volunteers as well as our new Junior Researcher position.

But rest assured! You’ll meet the whole gang soon enough. We’ll all be introducing ourselves on our facebook page in the coming days and weeks and if you’re looking for a sneak peak, just check out our fearless leader.

ETHOS stands for Experimental Techno-Humanities and Organizational Services and this month we are actively seeking to critically examine this notion of Organizational Services and the collaborative relationship that exists between industry and academia today.

Is this relationship, as we know it the only way that things could be? Or would other perhaps more mutually beneficial constellations deliver superior results? Simply put: we won’t know until we try something else and therein lays our experiment.

There’s some good stuff brewing this month and next and we would love to see you at our next publicETHOS, commenting on our facebook page, or in IRL (gasp!) – we’re located in 1C05 and we can’t wait to hear from you!


Yours truly,



Teaching: PublicETHOS #6 - Introduction to Tableau

These days more and more businesses are looking to acquire new hires that are adept and competent at visualizing data in novel and enticing ways. Tableau is an interactive data visualization business intelligence product that allows users to do just that -- present and explore data in new ways.

This month the ETHOS Lab publicETHOS event will be a workshop on Tableau and we invite all those interested, regardless of experience or exposure, to attend and learn more. Leading the workshop is Tableau Consultant, Marc Schønwandt, for Inviso, a Copenhagen-based start-up committed to helping its clients leverage Tableau software. 

More information about the event can be found both on our website as well as our Facebook page for the event.



Research: Convivial Decay wins accolades at CSCW

ETHOS Lab is proud and elated to share that Convivial Decay: Entangled Lifetimes in a Geriatric Infrastructure written by our very own Head of Lab, Marisa Leavitt Cohn has received a best paper award and will be presented this year at a Open Science and Infrastructures Panel at CSCW San Francisco.

The paper is an empirical case study, which reveals the benefits of convivial decay of end-of-life infrastructures. This is a process where the mortality of an infrastructure is embraced and work shifts from repair-as-sustaining to repair-into-decay.

Great job Marisa!


Services: Introducing our latest partner -  Analyse og Tal

    As we here at ETHOS Lab continue to uncover and investigate both the links and chasms that exist between academia and industry, we are thrilled to announce an official partnership with consultancy Analyse & Tal.

     Analyse & Tal is nonprofit analysis bureau focused on providing clients qualitative, quantitative, and political analysis and is based in Copenhagen. 

Our focus in the partnership is two-fold: Firstly, to work with digital methods together with an industry partner who has practical experience in applying these experimental methods in the field. Secondly to establish and explore what this sort of academia-industry partnership can produce of value for both parties in an ongoing process. As part of the partnership Jakob Bæk Kristensen from Analyse & Tal will be in ETHOS Lab once a week, to work on projects with students and lab researchers.

We are excited and motivated by this our latest strategic partnership and look forward to work together more in the future.


Study Group: Python Study Group Reboot   

Are you looking for an opportunity to learn the programming language Python in a comfortable and safe space, surrounded by others just as eager and willing as you are?

Or maybe you joined us last year for our Python study group and have just been waiting to meet back up with the old gang? Then you will be happy to hear that this Monday, 7 March 17:00-20:00, our participant driven python programming study group is starting back up!

All are welcome regardless of experience and expertise so feel free to check out the ETHOS Lab webpage for more information and don’t forget to sign-up!


Public TalkGeoffrey Bowker on "The Data Citizen"

Next month ITU visiting professor Geoffrey Bowker will give a talk exploring the ways in which the human experience is affected by the prevalent use of big data analytics. Entitled The Data Citizen: New Modes of Being in the Emergent Internet of Things Bowker’s talk will explore the ways in which the emergence of the Internet of Things marks a qualitative change in how our personal selves are distributed through information infrastructures.

This lecture will take place on Friday April 1st in Auditorium 2 from 14:15-15:45.


Competition: the Future – IGNITE Session at ITU

On April 7, ETHOS Lab, ITU Innovators and Norconsult will partner with global GIS supplier Hexagon Geospatial to encourage all those interested to enter the IGNITE competition, a global competition that challenges participants to come up with the best B2B cloud-based application of map and geographic data.

Keep your eyes peeled for more information about the event and its cash prizes on our webpage, or you can proceed directly to sign-up your team up!


Welcome: Junior Researchers

We are pleased and overjoyed to introduce Cæcilie S. Laursen, Nikolai Traasdahl Tarp, and Mie Bohn Trankjær, our three new junior researchers! Keep your eyes peeled for their individual bios on our Facebook page in the coming weeks!