November 2023

Winter News from ETHOS Lab

Hi there, 

I hope you’ve landed softly into the winter. This month is one of contrasts to many, so I’m sending extra care to those for whom this month is tougher than usual. 

We’ve got some nice little updates about activities in the lab the past month - so I hope you’ll read along. I also hope you’ll be reaching out if any of the activities we have been running are of interest to you, so we know that we should do more of just that. 

 - Henriette 


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What’s new?  

Junior Researchers - Research Pitch
On November 14 our Junior Researchers - Anna, David, Mia, Anna, Sonja, and Marcus - presented their first research pitches to the lab community. The projects range from Network Analysis of Pro-Anorexia Content on TikTok and The Use of ChatGPT at ITU to REPLIKAting Human Relationships, Reproducing Digital Music in Practice and Research on Discriminatory Behaviour of AI in Matchmaking Apps. We look forward to sharing the JRs blogposts later this month.

Feminist Technoscience in Practice 
In November we also finished the first miniseries on Feminist Technoscience in Practice. On November 7th Digital Accessibility Specialist and Lecturer Mai Hartmann joined us for a workshop on how assistive technologies mediate user experiences and to discuss potential pitfalls of empathy. The workshop invited participants to explore and interact with screen readers on their own devices, and highlighted the experience of using this technology. 

On November 14th we were joined by algorithmic artist Ada Ada Ada. In the workshop, she gave a talk on image generation, and performed live prompting with Stable Diffusion to illustrate and discuss the limitations of the technology. This led to great discussions about the un-intelligence of AI technologies, as well as reflections about how this technology does (or does not) reflect the lived reality of the majority of people. 

Big thanks to Mai and Ada for joining us, and to Louie Meyer for putting together and facilitating the series. If you, dear reader, would be interested in ETHOS Lab hosting more events in this series, please do let us know! 

Narrating Digital Access, Trauma, and Disability Through Comics and Image Description in Denmark
Big congrats to lab member Barbara Nino Carreras & lab alum Brit Ross Winthereik who have recently published an article in the Journal of Medical Anthropology: Cross-Cultural Studies in Health and Illness

Barbara writes the following about the article: 

The article is based on a research collaboration with Landsforeningen af Væresteder. Through the creation of comics and image descriptions with six research collaborators—Ann, Inge, Sofie, Annemarie, Allan, and Tina-Lykke—we explore how these collaborators experience the digital drop-in center (det digitale værested) and public sector digitalization in Denmark. 

By analyzing insights from both drawing and describing images with research collaborators, we propose this method in medical anthropology as one way to embrace disability expertise and broad accessibility. 

A key takeaway from the article is that digital services can be extremely beneficial to people who experience social anxiety, especially when supported by interpersonal relations of care, respect, and safety. Research collaborators emphasize the importance of being able to choose between digital or in-person services. Using the digital drop-in center as an example (det digitale værested), we learned that what makes this space particularly safe and accessible is the flexibility and boundaries of the online community, as well as the daily activities and moderation by employees working at the association (Landsforeningen af Væresteder). Collaborators who do not feel confident using digital technologies, feel they have the space and support to learn how to use digital platforms at their preferred pace.

The full article can be accessed here.

Diversity in Tech & Science at IDA 
On November 21 Luis, Louie and Henriette were invited to join the conference on Diversity in Tech and Science at IDA. It was a great afternoon featuring interesting talks with Meredith Broussard, Kristin Kaltenhaüser, and Ada Ada Ada.

Thank you to IDA for hosting and to Tina Ryoon for the invitation.

What's next?

Junior Researchers - Play Fair
Tomorrow, December 5th, we are very excited to try out a new format with the Junior Researchers. At the JR Play Fair, the students will be inviting senior faculty to engage with their research in creative ways in a science fair style setup. We look forward to see what the JRs have come up with, and how this new format will support the learning experience in the programme.

The world outside the lab

Sick Futurities
Lyndsey Beutin and Cal Biruk invite participation in their collective photo elicitation exercise by telling us what sick futurities look like to you. Send a digital image and commentary to or @sickfuturity on Instagram. Learn more about Sick Futurity in our zine, available at . A note to ETHOS readers that the zine is especially focused on questions of method and numbers.

New on the blog!

Introducing Vasiliki Tsaknaki

Introducing Vasiliki Tsaknaki

ETHOS Lab is very excited to introduce you all to our lovely lab member Vasiliki Tsaknaki. Vasiliki's research is in the HCI domain and combines materials experiences, computational crafts and somatic design methods. Through practice-based studies, she investigates and reflects on intersections of these areas with a feminist theoretical commitment, probing the space of designing for wellbeing and exploring (bio)data …

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Introducing Alena Thiel

Introducing Alena Thiel

ETHOS Lab happily welcomes lab member Alena Thiel - in fact, we did quite a while ago now. But we would like to introduce you all to her as well. Alena has recently received the Horizon Europe’s Marie Skłodowska-Curie Actions Postdoctoral fellowship for her project, MUNDI. For this project, Alena will investigate the use of digital innovations for predictive anticipation, …

Read more.


 Wishing you all a beautiful rest of your day!

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