April 2015

Welcome to ETHOS Lab's Newsletter

We are very excited to have you onboard!

In this month's newsletter you can read about the projects we have been working on since our initial launch as well as future events. The newsletter employs a structure built around our three areas of activity: Teaching, Research and Services.

The intention with the newsletter is to keep you posted on the different projects and events we are working on at the lab, and to share new insights when new material, being it tools or papers, are published. As we are not able to post all activities in the newsletter, we encourage that your regularly check-in with us at ethos.itu.dk.

We welcome any suggestions or comments you might have for the lab, newsletter, projects etc. at ethos@itu.dk.



Teaching: publicETHOS presents Fabio Giglietto

The ETHOS Lab is proud to present Assistant Professor Fabio Giglietto from the University of Urbino. This is the first event in the publicETHOS event series which seeks to bring top research connected with the lab to a public forum.

On the 15th of April ETHOS Lab will be hosting Fabio who will give a lecture about his work and the possibilities of using online data for research, followed by an in-depth workshop on how to analyze and use Twitter in research. Students, researchers and interested parties are all invited to attend. Read about the lecture and the workshop below, and sign up for the workshop using the form at the bottom of the page. The workshop builds on the lecture, but it is not a requirement to attend both. Read the whole article here and sign up for the event.


#ethosITU: Please tag us!

Even though we are not on social media, yet, we find the idea of mapping the laboratory we are building very interesting, which is why we encourage you to use the hashtag #ethosITU when posting anything related to us whether it being e.g. your own data visualizations, sharing content from our website etc. Furthermore, the hashtag #publicETHOS can be used in relation to this series of events.


REAL and ETHOS: Lab Launch Reception

Together with REAL - the new Robotics, Evolution and Art Lab at IT University of Copenhagen - ETHOS hereby invites you to the launch reception of the two new labs at the IT University of Copenhagen. 

Stop by to learn more about our activities and gain insight into new exciting projects. Refreshments will be provided. See the invitation


Research: Meet our research group! 

What is a lab without a research group? We are so fortunate to have a growing group of ambitious researchers affiliated with ETHOS Lab and would like for you to get familiarized with them all, so please visit https://ethos.itu.dk/researchgroup/  to read more about the researchers and their areas of interest. If you are interested in becoming a part of the research group please contact Marisa Cohn


Services: ETHOS to help with organisational services

Since the initial days of our existence, we have been scouting for organisations to whom we can help and collaborate with. The type of assignments that we are interested in are not fit to any specific requirements at the moment and we are open to any challenge. We already have some really exciting projects in the pipeline which we look forward to be able to unveil to you - some include mapping, some include working with large unexplored data. Stay tuned for more on these projects! You can read more about the ideas behind the concept of services on ethos.itu.dk here


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