The pace is intense as students work hard to finish the semester and head off to end-of-year celebrations. At ETHOS Lab we will be having a celebration, which means YOU and everyone in the Ethos Lab's network are invited for 'hygge' on Friday, December 16 at 4 pm

 hygge (ˈhyɡə) noun: a concept, originating in Denmark, of creating cosy and convivial atmospheres that promote wellbeing 

(Article, Reference and language, The Guardian

We also have a few announcements that will set the scene for 2017.  

A 'goodbye' has been reconfigured into a 'hello' as Rasmus our former intern has been hired as an assistant for the lab for the next three months. Michael Hockenhull will be commencing his PhD in the coming year and still be affiliated with the lab through his role as a researcher. We are fortunate that Cæcilie stays on as Lab Assistant for at least another semester.

Newly appointed Lab Manager is Marie Blønd, a familiar face to some in the community either from her time as a master student or as a TA in several courses. Previously working in business, her interests now expands experimenting with multiple methodologies, fieldsites and engaging in reflexive digital methods. With Marie, Rasmus and Cæcilie at the steering wheel, we are excited and expectant for another season for Ethos Lab and hope to welcome even more people to our community.  


‘Tis the season to be jolly’ and thus we have wrapped a few presents for you;

The first present has been coded and donated by our community member Jesper Henrichsen; A sunburst of the Danish government’s Budget for 2017 visualised in an interactive and searchable manner. It is work in progress and Jesper has offered to share the code through GitHub if you are interested. See his post on our Facebook page.  

Another gift is somehow a toolbox – a list longer than Santa Claus’ of digital tools with thankful credentials to research associate Fernando N. van der Vlist. Last but not least, Junior Researcher’s projects will be popping up on our website as 2017 kicks off. 

The title of Jan Rezisz article states a great prospect tagline for 2017: 'Expecting Everything'. Make sure you give it a read! 


See you on Friday or in 2017!

Greetings from,



Teaching: What's all the Hyphe? 

Mathieu Jacomy, the research engineer behind the network analysis tool Hyphe, enlightend us at ITU with his reflections on the interface and its mechanisms. Part of this, was understanding the the tendency of surfacing the web entities and the work that goes into curating your body of data. If you did not have a chance to attend, then we recommend these video tutorial from the Ethos Lab


Research: Looking for or Projects & PhDs? 

Are you carrying the dreams of a PhD around - please check out this position for Fearful Technologies in Eindhoven. Application deadline 1st January 2017.  

Projects: If you are looking for a topic for next spring that is related to (a) social media analytics and visualization/mapping in the context of natural disasters or (b) predicting bankruptcy of local businesses in collaboration with Danske Bank and KMD, please contact Oliver Müller (


Services: Last Data Sprint of the Year

At the Royal Library we will sprinting for the last time in the series. The groups will be sprinting and polishing their presentations before performing for the interdisciplinary panel of judges including Head of Lab Brit Winthereik. We will be reporting on the series in the new year.

Read more about the event here


Meet Marie:) New Lab Manager

Marie Blønd is excited to be walking in Michael's legendary shoes, as the new Ethos Lab manager. To some she may be a familiar face as she is a graduate from MSc in Digital, Innovation & Management. Parallel to her studies, she has been part of the teaching team in several courses at ITU, most recently in Navigating Complexity, Mapping and Visualisation for Decision Making. Previously she worked in the film industry as a product manager but is now passionate and deeply involved with ethnography, reflexive digital methods and STS. Come and meet her on Friday as she is looking forward to meeting you all. 


In Other News

• Junior Researcher's projects will be published in the new year

• Opening hours: We do not longer have official opening hours in the lab due to a relocation of resources. You can still get help with your projects and ask for data related tips-and-tricks, but you will have to do so through Here, we will do our best to help you.