June 2016

Jubliant June: Errata

In the ETHOS Lab newsletter for June which was just sent out, it was erroneously stated that 'May's publicETHOS' would be on the topic of Geographical Information Systems. It should of course have read 'June's publicETHOS', as it refers to an upcoming event which will take place on the 8th of June at ITU.

Apologies for the mistake and any confusion this may have caused. The item from the newsletter is reproduced below with the correct text. 

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Teaching: publicETHOS on Geographical Information Systems

For June's publicETHOS we have invited the Danish company Informi GIS to tell us about the use and value that GIS systems can provide. 

GIS technology is a huge part of modern mapping efforts, and so is very relevant to gain an understanding of. Informi GIS works with the world leader in GIS solutions, Esri, and uses their tool ArcGis. The presentation will also cover the benefits of this particular software. 

Sign up is not required, but you can join the facebook event here