September 2015

September is for New Beginnings

In what felt like the blink of an eye, summer has come and gone and the atrium here at ITU is reverberating once more with that unique blend of nervous excitement and new beginnings that only the opening weeks of the fall term can bring. The ETHOS Lab is continuing to develop and grow, so in many ways, the fall semester is a new beginning for us as well.

We have spent the summer months settling into our new lab located, at 1C05, and the last week of August sharpening our skills and competencies at FORCCAST’s second annual Controversy Mapping Summer School just a stone’s throw from the heart of Paris. If you'd like to learn more about our trip, check out our latest blogpost, A Field Report from Paris.

As always, we will continue to work closely with the Navigating Complexity team as the new students begin their journey through the complex interdisciplinary field of Science and Technology Studies (STS), focusing specifically on the use of digital tools in the creation of meaningful and impactful data visualizations.

In this month’s newsletter you can learn more about our publicETHOS events, the emerging field of Computational Thinking, and our latest collaborative partnership with the ITU Innovators! 

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The ETHOS Lab is happy to announce that Senior Research Fellow in the Victorian Eco-Innovation Lab (VEIL) at the Faculty of Architecture, Melbourne University, David Turnbull will be presenting his work, Contesting ecological collapse: Rapa Nui, the island at the end of the world at the ITU on September 22 at 13.00.

For more information on the event can be here on our homepage. This event is sure to be a treat, so don't miss out!



Are you a Master's Candidate looking for a partnership for a special project or master thesis? Are you interested in developing meaningful data visualizations that engage people's curiosity and force them to think critically upon them? Do you speak danish?

If so, Avedøreværkets besøgstjenste og energiformidling is currently searching for student project collabroators.

For more details email supervisor Brit Ross Winthereik at



In an effort to build and foster a useful and inspiring learning community at ITU, members of the ETHOS lab have created an informal study group for those interested in learning and developing their skills in Python.

All skill levels are welcome and are encouraged to participate in the group’s first meeting, scheduled for Wednesday September 23rd. Light refreshments will be served.

 Those interested should send an email to


TEACHING: publicETHOS #2 - Navigating in the Wild

On Thursday September 10th, the ETHOS Lab will host the second installment of publicETHOS, Navigating in the Wild. The event will be a student-lead discussion and workshop exploring the ways in which former Navigating Complexity students have applied the skills and competencies they developed throughout their studies.

A workshop, co-hosted by the Study & Career Guidance department, will follow the panel discussion where participants will discuss and develop comprehensive techniques and meaningful ways of depicted their own unique skillsets both verbally to future employers and on paper for CVs and LinkedIn profiles.

 If interested please read more on the event, HERE and make sure you sign up as well. Read about and sign up for the workshop here. 




The emerging field of Computational Thinking, championed by such companies as Google, explicitly centers around the idea that through the creation and implementation of certain pedagogical tools, students can begin to think and reason in ways similar to that of a computer.

Implicitly, this field can be applied in an organizational manner to companies in a wide array of industries in order to encourage more algorithmic thinking on the processes level.

Does this sound interesting to you? Would you like to learn more about this fledging field? Then please read the literature available on the subject on our website, by clicking here




ETHOS is proud to announce a collaboration initiative together with the ITU Innovators, a group focused on creating value through nurturing and catalyzing the student start-up environment at ITU.  Over the course of the semester the two organizations will host on campus events geared towards fostering cooperation across various disciplines and interests.

More information on this new alliance will follow in the coming months, so remember to keep checking our website and blog for more details on specific events.



ETHOS Lab is always looking for passionate and motivated volunteers who are interested in sharing and developing their own skills and competencies as we work to construct and define the lab.

We view volunteers at ETHOS as committed and competent individuals with unique skill-sets, people who are looking to take an active part in the development of the lab.

We seek out projects and partnerships that complement both our individual motivations as well as highlight the lab’s core competencies.

Interested? Send an email to


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