A data science event by ETHOS Lab, Novo Nordisk, IBM and Deloitte.

Do you want to work with large datasets to uncover solutions to a global health-issue? Then this might be something for you..

We’re collaborating with Novo Nordisk, IBM and Deloitte to present this event. To underline its potential magnitude, we chose to call it Datathon instead of the datasprint, of which we have hosted quite a few already.

This time the purpose is to find solutions to the problem of diabetes. As a global pandemic, diabetes is an increasingly widespread disease, and so finding a solution has become paramount.

Using data scientific methods in groups of 2-4, we will dig into publicly available data-sets to gain new insights and knowledge. We will have food and drinks for those of you who participate. Also, there will be prizes for the best and most original insights and ideas.

You can read more about the event and find a link for registration here